Hills Cider Tropical Imperial Cider Sour

375ml Can 8% Cider

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: The Hills Cider Company

Style: Cider

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 8%

The Hills Cider Company with its full control from land to hand has continued to innovate and bring new exciting products to the market. This can be seen with their first release of an "ICS" Imperial Cider Sour, a hybrid of a traditional apple cider base co-fermented with mangoes and pineapples in a style reminiscent of traditional sours - In light of the warmer weather with Summer just around the corner, we have made this Tropical Cider to get everyone in the mood for another massive Summer of Cider.

This cider displays a perfect balance of handpicked Adelaide Hills apples co-fermented with Queensland mango & pineapple. Carefully crafted to display qualities of a traditional sour with apple sweetness on the back palate, reinforced by the depth of tropical flavours that only fresh Queensland pineapples and mangoes can deliver.

As consistently demonstrated with the Hills Cider range, the apples provide great structure and a solid acid backbone. The introduction of pineapple and mango lush out this cider with great mouthful, depth and a tropical complexity. The tang of pineapple is balanced out by juicy mango resulting in a tropical explosion in your mouth.

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