HPA Eclipse Mixed Pack

Exclusive to Beer Cartel - Strictly limited.

About The Beer

Meet Eclipse®- a new, big-hitting flavour hop bursting with sweet, sweet mandarin, zesty citrus peel, and fresh pine needles.


It’s yet another exciting addition to Hop Products Australia's (HPA) range of uniquely Australian flavour hops that already includes world renowned varieties such as Galaxy®, Vic Secret™, Ella™ and Enigma®.

Eclipse® was first developed by HPA's hop breeding program in 2004, but its ancestry can be traced as far back as 1915. The subsequent generations of cross pollination featured varieties such as Fuggle, Brewer’s Gold, Comet and Pride of Ringwood in the Australian environment.

Since it sits firmly in the fruit quadrant of our Hop Flavour Spectrum, it is well suited to fruit-forward beer styles. It can be used in large doses to make a high impact hazy NEIPA, or pared back to make lighter well-balanced styles.

To celebrate the launch of Eclipse®, HPA partnered with Beer Cartel, Australia’s #1 online craft beer store, and a feast of local breweries to create a special mixed pack containing 6 (355ml - 375ml) limited edition beers that feature the hero of the hour.


The Mixed Pack:


1. Mountain Culture High Tides NEIPA | 355ml | ABV 6.6%

A juice bomb NEIPA with rising waves of summer fruit.

2. Bridge Road Crimson Crescent Hoppy Red Ale | 375ml | ABV 4.7%

An Australian style hoppy red ale with a heavy hop dosage that is balanced by a lush malt bill for a complex and gratifying finish.

3. Moo Brew Bridgewater Blackout Dark Ale | 375ml | ABV 5.5%

A dark ale brewed with Eclipse® hops in the back streets of Bridgewater.

4. New England Don’t Stare India Saison | 375ml | ABV 7.2%

A bone dry India Saison hopped like a hazy with big blood orange and mandarin flavours.

5.Sunday Road Lunar Eclipse Single Hop Dark Lager | 375ml | ABV 5%

A hoppy dark lager with an even bitterness and mandarin, citrus peel aroma.

6. Two Birds Total Eclipse Of The Hop XPA | 375ml | ABV 5.5%

An XPA that will stick to your taste buds as much as Bonnie’s 80’s hit.


What Brewers Are Saying About Eclipse®:


Hop Products Australia Eclipse Mixed Pack Brewer Testimonials



Who is Hop Products Australia (HPA)?


HPA’s farms have been growing hops in Australia for more than one hundred and fifty years, and are made up of a great bunch of people who are as passionate about beer as they are about hops.


They’re a privately owned and independently managed Australian company, part of the Barth-Haas Group of companies; the largest hop trader in the world, founded in 1794.

Their farms – Bushy Park Estates and Rostrevor Hop Gardens – are amongst the oldest continuously operating hop farms in the world. They’ve both been dedicated to growing hops since the late 1800s.

Today, from these farms and selected growers, they handle around 90% of the hops grown in Australia, about 1% of the world’s production.

Through their dedicated hop breeding program and incessant drive to bring brewers the best hops; they have introduced a number of proprietary flavour hops, in addition to their aroma and bittering varieties.

They’re proud to play a part in creating memorable flavours and distinctive aromas of hundreds of different beers enjoyed in pubs, restaurants, bars and backyards around the world.







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