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  • Liberty Citra Double IPA 500ml Bottle

Liberty Brewing Company

Liberty Citra Double IPA 500ml Bottle

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Country: New Zealand

Brewery: Liberty Brewing Co

Style: Imperial/Double IPA

Format: 500ml Bottle

ABV: 9%

What is in a name? Under conventional language guidelines you would expect to find any number of consonants, and to a lesser extent, you will find the odd noun. But if your have a look at the name of this beer, you will find that it has an exclamation mark right in the middle of it. What's that all about? Doesn't that just seem a little unusual? It's definitely not a typo - and if you're reading this, then I guess it's done it's Job. The next step is to take this bottle home. Go on. You won't regret it.

Enjoy the taste of poor grammar at refrigeration temperature with your friends or family.

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Product Reviews


  1. 5 Star Review 5 stars

    Second only to Yakima Monster in Liberty Brewing range of full flavoured and chocked full of NZ Hops at their finest

  2. 3 Star Review Great(3.5*)

    Awesome hops nose. Delicious hops front. Tangy citrus flavours with a touch of pine. Dry bitter lingering finish. Nice one!!

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