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Limited Edition Tinnie Pack #37

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About The Beer

This limited edition Tinnie Pack features 12 of the latest and greatest cans that are on the market.

Don't mess around because this one isn't going to last long!

If you're looking for some tasty new beers to try, including super popular IPAs then this is for you.

The line-up:

1. Range Glow On NEIPA 440ml Can

Glow On is an all Citra IPA brewed in our house style which we've bombarded with Citra, Citra Cryo and Citra LUPOMAX. We've kept the colour and the body light and fresh to make way for a powerhouse of tropical flavours. Prepare to be smacked with melon, lychee and passionfruit in a glorious display of citra juiciness. The finish is fresh, zesty and immensely crushable.  ABV: 6.2%

2. Bacchus Blood Buccaneer Imperial Red Ale 375ml Can

Introducing Blood Buccaneer - A double version of our Crimson Corsair, same recipe, just mashed at a lower temperature for a slightly drier body & higher abv (9.1%). The beer still has a lovely rich malt character balanced by the tropical American hops. ABV: 9.6%

3. Mountain Culture Nevermore Schwarzbier 355ml Can

Our Schwarzbier pours out black with a ruby red hue but don't go expecting a toasty stout. This is still a refreshing lager, perfect for winter thanks to its malt-forward design that highlights subtle caramel and roasted notes with a smooth mouthfeel and balanced bitterness.  ABV: 4.8%

4. Akasha Romeo & Juliet Double IPA 375ml Can      

But soft, what beer through yonder window pours? A brazenly tropical, fruit-forward elixir free of lingering sweetness, with a golden haze like young Leo’s hair, that’s what – a balanced yet powerful coupling ‘twixt East and West styles that’s anything but star-crossed!  ABV: 8%

5. Sunday Road 24hr Disco Cold IPA 440ml Can

Cold IPA mashed with flaked corn, hopped with Sabro Lupomax, Cryo Ekaunot and Bru-1. ABV: 6.8%

6. Nomad Art Series 2022 Red IPA 440ml Can

This delicious Red IPA is about as rich as they come. Strong notes of toffee and caramel with a subtle hint of stone fruit and a well rounded bitterness.  ABV: 8%

7. Rogue Honey Kolsch 355ml Can

Brewed with wildflower honey, this Kolsch-style ale has layers of subtle floral notes accented by the honey’s natural sweetness that create a refreshing balance with the hops and malts. Honey Kolsch is our liquid ode to bees for all the wonderful work they do to keep the cycle of life turning.ABV: 5%

8. Yulli's Special Batch Black IPA 375ml Can

It’s our Black IPA which was the original beer we tried before deciding to give this brewing thing a go over 9 years ago! Smooth & creamy, it’s packed full of Aussie, US & Japanese hops to provide a unique blend of lemon & stone fruit, backed by a delicate roasted malt character. Rich in character yet well balanced. ABV: 6.6%

9. Wayward The Darkness Oatmeal Stout 375ml Can

"There are different kinds of darkness; there is the darkness that frightens, the darkness that soothes, the darkness that is restful. There is the darkness of lovers, and the darkness of assassins. It becomes what the bearer wishes it to be, needs it to be. It is not wholly bad or good."

This is a wholly good kind of darkness, however. Brewed with cacao nibs, this stout is creamy, smooth and not overly sweet or too roasty. ABV: 4.8%

10. Alesmith Party Tricks IPA 473ml Can

Pull up to the party with a beer that hides nothing up its sleeves. A massive amount of Strata, El Dorado, and Citra hops have been invited to this brew party to showcase notes of grapefruit, strawberry, and passion fruit. Flex on friends and family by dipping into a pack of Party Tricks! Keg stands optional. Cheers! ABV: 6.8%

11. Revel American Brown Ale 375ml Can

Revel’s Browntown American Brown Ale pours a deep amber brown with a toasty warmth and smooth rich flavour. In true Revel fashion we’ve loaded this this one up with US flavoured hops; Cascade, Amarillo, & Williamette to provide a fruity & piney aroma with plenty of bitterness to balance out the malty body. One to be savoured! ABV: 5.3%

12. Slipstream Fruit Cart Cherry Sour 375ml Can

Initial sips of Cherry Sour teeter on the edge of sweet, before that signature tartness hits the tongue, delivering a mouthful of pure refreshment with an exciting, playful flavour. The flavour is alluring, the beer is almost sweet, it’s easy to drink but hard to beat! ABV: 3.5%


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Love it? Hate it? Let us know!Write Review