Spiegelau Hefeweizen Beer Glass


About The Beer

Glass capacity: 700ml

The authentic glass style to Weizenbier (wheat beer), these are large German styled beer glasses designed to hold large quantities of beer, while enhancing a beer's colour, taste and aroma. These glasses are wider at the top than at the base. This aids in the production of head as well as increasing the exposure to air when the glass is tilted backwards during drinking.

All Spiegelau beer glasses are made using unique, state-of-the-art technology called the ''Platinum Glass' process. This produces glasses that are elegant and light but extremely durable. All Spiegelau glassware is ISO certified for 1,500 dish washer cycles without discolouration or staining and no loss of clarity. To date they are the only glass manufacturer in the world to have obtained this certification.

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