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  • Stone Scrü Wit

Stone Brewing Company

Stone Scrü Wit

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Country: USA

Brewery: Stone

Style: American Strong Ale

Format: 650ml Bottle

ABV: 8.5%

When it came to the 2016 Stone Spotlight Series competition, brewers Brandon Jacobs & Alex Rodriguez said, “Screw it! Let's brew something Stone would 'never' brew.” They took this independent, go their own way mentality and combined a Finnish sahti, medieval European gruit and Belgian imperial wit together. In doing so, they invented a new beer style they nicknamed SahGruWit—say it fast a few times and you'll see what we did here. The result is a crazy delicious success courtesy of their ingenuity paired with the unlikely, hard-to-source ingredients of mugwort, wormwood & juniper berries. This beer is extremely unique, which is why it was the hands-down winner of this year's competition.





Product Reviews


  1. 3 Star Review Great 3.5*

    Floral subtle berry nose. Rich herbal flavours upfront and candied Belgian sweetness. Smooth mouthfeel. Dry woody herbal spice finish and linger.

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