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Super Sour Mixed Pack #10

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About The Beer

Prepare your taste buds for a mouth puckering, eye watering, sour extravaganza. Containing 12 sour beers that include the latest limited releases and some of our staff favourites.

This selection is strictly limited and won't last long!

The line-up:

1. Garage Project Any Colour You Like As Long As It’s - Scrumptious Dragonfruit & Pineapple Sour 440ml Can

Any colour you like… a series of intensely colourful fruited sours taking inspiration from Resene’s catalogue of chromatic creations. This time around you can have Any colour you like… as long as it’s Scrumptious V49-112-356. Kettle soured and saturated with purple Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) and Pineapple, the result is a mouth-watering sour candy creation, that pulls off a convincing fruit forward impression of the shocking fluorescent fuchsia of Scrumptious. A sensory delight for chromaphiles and sour freaks alike. ABV: 6%

2. La Sirene Farmhouse Red 330ml Can

The Farmhouse red is a Hybrid Farmhouse-style red ale that has been naturally soured using our indigenous wild bacteria living within the brewery’s walls. This natural bacterial contribution along with a generous malt profile whilst residing in premium French oak Barrels provides a great backbone of malt sweetness coupled with an assertive natural acidity that together delivers a smooth yet complex mouthfeel. In conjunction to this, we fermented it with fresh organic Hibiscus whole flowers & rose petals grown in the iconic Byron Bay region of Australia that gives this beer a lively refreshment with a sense of place & season. ABV: 5.5%

3. Yulli's Dolly Aldrin Honeydew Melon Berliner Weisse 375ml Can

A traditional German style sour wheat ale, where low alcohol, tartness, and fruit combine to create the ultimate quencher! The beer undergoes a 24 hour period of lacto-fermentation where all the souring takes place, before being fermented as normal, and finally blended with freshly cold pressed Honeydew Melons. The result is a deliciously fresh light and dry ale, with some upfront tartness, which is rounded out by the soft melon fruit flavours. ABV: 3.3%

4. Nomad Imperial Rosie Raspberry Berliner Weisse 440ml Can

The Rosie you know and love has had a makeover. We have doubled the booze and doubled the fruit and kept the same great raspberry taste. ABV: 7%

5. Feral Tropical Disco Sour 375ml Can

Pop ya collar and get on the dancefloor to celebrate our first pack drop of 2022! Stacked with fruit higher than ya mums platform shoes. Huge notes of mango, passionfruit and guava, with a tart flavour and salty finish, this beer is dynamic, complex and full flavoured. ABV: 4.2%

6. Green Beacon 7 Bells Passionfruit Gose 375ml Can

Vibrant passionfruit flavour with refreshingly tart finish. In naval terms, the ringing of “7 Bells” indicates half an an easy drinking, thirst-quenching beer. More often than  not, it was a Passion Fruit Sour they reached for, and so was born this refreshingly tart, Gose Style Ale. ABV: 4.2%

7. Batch Neu Bruin Belgian Sour Brown 375ml Can

This Neu world of sour was born from a collaboration with Fermentis. The wort is soured with a special bacteria delivering a complexity unheard of in kettle sours. Fermentation with a Belgian yeast strain brings broad fruity aromas consisting of dried peaches, balsamic & toffee. The finish is a wonderfully complex balsamic-like acidity that leaves the palate clean & begging for more! ABV: 6%

8. Deep Creek Mango Tango 440ml Can

Let's Dance! Like it's dancing namesake, Mango Tango is a magical fusion of tropical flavours. Mango and Passionfruit form an elegant connection, embracing with a vibrant and playful expression of aromas. Sweet and sour perfection. ABV: 5%

9. Blackman Patsy Wildberry Sour 355ml Can

Named after Renn's dear Great-Aunt, Patsy is a crushable kettle sour made using real fruit. It has light acidity and body, fresh berry aromas from a combo of strawberries and raspberries with a luscious red shimmer. Patsy is the new sour stable for your esky! ABV:4.6%

10. Reckless Bloody Mary Double Gose 375ml Can

In collaboration with Sausage Queen Brewing, we’ve layered this Double Gose with Tabasco sauce, fresh tomato juice and a handful of secret ingredients for a spicy yet nicely balanced sour that delivers a new spin on the classic Bloody Mary cocktail. Get this Small Batch GABS special while it’s hot! ABV: 7%

11. Panhead Stace The Ace Margarita Gose 375ml Can

Panhead Custom Ales are taking New Zealand and Australia by storm! Launched by head brewer Mike Neilson, from what was previously the Dunlop tyre factory in Maidstone, the brewery is based in Upper Hutt in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, and boast a broad core range of beers. Panhead Custom Ales Stace The Ace is a 4.5% ABV Margarita Gose that hits the senses all tangy and salty and is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious, traditional Mexican feast. An ice-cold thirst crusher! ABV: 4.5%

12. Bad Shepherd Raspberry Spider Cream Sour 355ml Can

Brewed with wheat, oats, sweet raspberries and vanilla, this smooth and creamy sour will leave you with that cool refreshing taste – just like eating a real ice cream spider. ABV: 5%


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