Super Sour Mixed Pack #7

Strictly limited, just 48 available.

About The Beer

Prepare your taste buds for a mouth puckering, eye watering, sour extravaganza. Containing 12 sour beers that include the latest limited releases and some of our staff favourites.

This selection is strictly limited and won't last long!

The line-up:

1. Seven Mile Snozzberry Sour Ale

What does a Snozzberry taste like? In an attempt to find out, a truckload of Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Mulberries were taken to the juicing room and lovingly blended into this delicious beverage (No children were squeezed or harmed in the making of this beer). ABV: 6%

2. Batch Chapeau 2021 Sour Ale

Our annual release of Chapeau Raspberry Sour Celebration Ale!

We brew this beer to say thank you for giving us another year to do what we love. It’s with the help of you and the people we get our produce from that makes all of this possible. Berries from Westerway Raspberry farm in Tassie’s Derwent Valley and organic Voyager Craft Malt is grown by Organically Greenwood. Now take this beer and celebrate with friends and loved ones. Cheers! ABV: 6.4%

3. 8 Wired Celery Salt Hippy Berliner Weisse

Our Hippy Berliner was such a success that we ebbed to consumer demand and brewed a special edition with the addition of cooling cucumber. Bursting with sweet cucumber notes, balanced by lemon peel and tropical fruits. On the palate this beer is puckering, but very refreshing, full of cucumber, citrus and balanced by light hopping, finishing very clean. ABV: 4%

4. Philter Raspberry Pash Berliner Weisse

This tangy summer smasher is a kettle-soured Berliner weisse that is true to style. It's crammed with the best raspberries and passionfruit we could find for an intensely refreshing flavour hit. Sour dreams are made of this. ABV: 3.2%

5. Wayward Passionista Sour Ale

Using the same sour ale base as our core range Raspberry Berliner Weisse. this light, tart wheat beer instead gets it's flavour from the potent pairing of bright, tropical Passion fruit and the clean citrus punch of Yuzu. Juicy, zingy and packed full of flavour; it's the ultimate thirst quencher. ABV: 3.8%

6. Bridge Road Peach and Elderflower Sour Ale

This light-bodied fruited sour, is brewed in the style of a traditional German gose.

Its high mineral content balances out the acidity and makes for a dry and refreshing finish.

Here a lush, peachy palette is elevated by subtle floral sweetness of elderflower, making this a warm weather staple! ABV: 4.3%

7. Gweilo Rainbow Sherbet Sour Ale

Rainbow Sherbet Sour takes you on an intriguing journey through sweet and sour. Raspberry puree, lemon zest and the kettle sour base combine to deliver a sharp tang which is nicely balanced by a sweet, satisfying body. Best enjoyed with fruity, sour lace sweets from your childhood! ABV: 4.5%

8. Yulli Dolly Aldrin Cherry Sour Ale

Our take on a traditional German style sour wheat ale where low alcohol, tartness and fruit combine to create the ultimate sour quencher! The beer undergoes a 48 hour period of lacto-fermentation where all the souring takes place. The wort is then fermented as normal and finally blended with freshly cold pressed beetroot & pineapple juice. The result is a deliciously fresh, light and dry ale, with some upfront tartness which is rounded out by the soft fruit flavours. Pairs well with a cheeky bowl of salted potato gems. ABV: 3.3%

9. Mismatch Strawberry Sour Ale

Tart and refreshing, upfront strawberry jam aroma and lighty subtle flavour - Pure summer. Gold appearance, lush tropical fruit and over ripe pineapple aroma and flavour. ABV:3%

10. Mountain Culture Daily Dose Sour Ale

Our Gose displays a restrained acidity, subtle salinity thanks to some Himalayan rock salt and a Kanye’s-ego worth of fresh passionfruit. It pours out a hazy, almost fluro yellow moments before tropical fruits drift to your senses. ABV: 4.7%

11. Stomping Ground Raspberry Smash Sour Ale

Packed with real Aussie raspberries, this refreshingly tart fruited gose bursts with berry aromas and a pleasantly puckering finish. ABV: 4.2%

12. 3 Ravens Passionfruit Creamsicle

Passionfruit Creamsicle is the second love child for the Summer from our Original Sour Beer “Acid”. This summery twist includes rolled wheat and lactose to provide an extra silky body, vanilla and French oak to enhance the fluffy mouthfeel and creamy flavour. We've added passionfruit for an experience that will take you back to summer treats from the milk bar freezer. ABV: 3.5%

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