The Zythologist/Frexi Refraction Hindo Mexican Blanche 375ml Can

375ml Can 10% Blonde

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Zythologist

Style: Blonde

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 10%

Gravity is the natural force of attraction between all matter in the universe, controlling planetary movements, ocean tides, and even our own weight. Einstein proposed that gravity is in fact a curvature caused by massive objects in the space-time continuum. The gravitational force increases when the distance between objects is reduced. This explains the resultant force when The Zythologist and Burnley Brewing come together: a densely rich beer with gravitational waves of biscuit, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and whisky. Drink this with the utmost gravity. It is more than an apple falling on a genius’s head.

Made with award-winning Red Gum Single Malt Whisky from Mountain Distilling.

Contains: Water, malt, hops, yeast, lactose, cacao, brown sugar, vanilla, coconut, and whisky.

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