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Timmermans Kriek

330ml 4.5% Lambic - Fruit

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About The Beer

Country: Belgium

Brewery: Brouwerij Timmermans-John Martin N.V

Style: Lambic - Fruit

Format: 330ml Bottle

ABV: 4.5%

From the cherry tree's transient flowers, its fruits ripen - round, red and packed with sunshine. Timmermans Kriek blends it famed lambic with this sweetness for a beer that can quench any thirst. Its natural freshness will make you bush for joy.

Its flavours are all cherry, as is apparent from its very powerful nose. Its acidity is neautralised by its agreeably sweet and fruity bouquet. Its tast pervades the mouth and lingers gently, elegantly tinted with summer cherries.

Love it? Hate it? Let us know!Write Review
Love it? Hate it? Let us know!Write Review