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  • To Ol Garden of Eden Tropical IPA

To Ol

To Ol Garden of Eden Tropical IPA

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Country: Denmark

Brewery: To Ol

Style: Fruit Beer/IPA

Format: 330ml Bottle

ABV: 6.4%

A salute to the beauty beyond man. An IPA at 6.4% brewed with a wide amount of tropical fruit, as fruity as it is fresh and hoppy.

Rated 93 out of 100 on Ratebeer.com

Product Reviews


  1. 3 Star Review Really fruity

    Refreshing, a nice change from regular American style IPA's.

  2. 3 Star Review Like a fruit salad

    Aahhh To OL .. So many new beers from these guys. This drop is an ode to the beauty beyond mankind..it’s a fruity IPA, and by that we mean tropical fruit! The nose on this is divine..like sniffing a fruit salad. With the addition of passion fruit, guava, papaya, and mango , you would be thinking your drinking juice. The usual copper hue of the beer fades at the bottom to a golden one which is interesting. The big foamy head sits there full of bubble. The first sip yields all that fruit. There is a real tang to it. Embedded behind the tang is the 6.4% alc vol. There is actually only mild bitterness going on here, cause the mix of passion fruit and guava is dominant, but not overpowering like a fruit lager. We not entirely sure if this is our favourite mix of flavours in a beer but we love the creativity. We think one of these at a time is appropriate cause the flavour in the mouth by the end is a little fruity. But that’s what they were going for so good on them. Not bad, not great. Visit 2hopheads.com for all your in depth reviews.

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