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Wildflower Spring 2022 Fruited Australian Wild Ale 750ml Bottle

750ml Bottle 5.5% Wild Ale

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Style: Wild Ale

Format: 750ml Bottle

ABV: 5.5%

The first in an ongoing series of #greenbottle ales that are made with joy as the primary focus.

Without attempt to define them stylistically or even category, they are to be made four times a year, incorporating whatever ingredients or techniques we are musing on and made with the intention to be consumed in the season they are brewed for.

Spring 2022 is the first of these seasonal ales and also the first beer we will release made on our own brewery contraption. A huge milestone. Brewed using wholly certified organic, regenerative grains and hopped entirely with whole-cone Fuggle and Victoria hops grown in NSW. At knockout, the hot wort was passed over NSW grown Meyer lemons and finger limes. It was then fermented with our house culture of microflora wholly foraged from native flowers in NSW. After primary fermentation, we blended the beer with the pith and juice of a significant volume of 'Yango Gold' Poormans oranges, an unusual orange that is a cross between a tangerine and pomelo.

At release, the beer has an incredible citrus nose, lemon, cumquat and grapefruit juice and zest to the fore. Savoury orange marmalade and hints of limoncello, blend with primary fermentation derived esters of jackfruit and clove. The palate has a citrus core showing the Poormans orange flesh and juice, light and clean, rippling across the palate with brightness and zip. Richer fruits play across the back palate but the citrus is the hero adding a clean pithy bitterness to the beer.