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Mid Strength Craft Beer

Posted by richard on 20th Feb 2014

“Mid strength beer”; these are three dirty words in Australian society, considered by most the beer to have when you are at an over-Policed sports game, or wanting a thirst quenching beverage mindful of the need to drive. It is thought to be typically flavourless droll (particularly at the over-Policed sports game!)

For a lot of the craft beer drinkers we see in our store, a beer below 5% in alcohol is viewed as likely to be quite weak, with very little to test the senses. We get the question – “what is the alcohol level in this?” and when we tell them it is less than 5% it is often returned to the shelf. Somewhat understandable when we do have a 41% alcohol beer in store (BrewDog Sink The Bismarck).

Their are however  outstanding mid-strength beers from around Australia that we think dress to impress. These beers have it all from aroma to flavour (and they’re not the only ones). We think it is a measure of a quality brewer when you can successfully create and sell a mid-strength beer. To impact the flavour and aroma of a mid strength beer requires a lot more skill than brewing a full strength India Pale Ale for instance, which through its hop additions should always be able to produce significantly more flavour. 

Each of these breweries do it very well. They have stepped up to the plate (or bar) and given you something definitely worth thinking about.

So take the test – pull out those beer glasses and try one of the following:

Bridge Rd Brewers, Golden Ale