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Top 3 Reasons To Drink Beer From A Glass

Posted by Beer Cartel on 19th Jun 2013

We recently attended a Spiegelau Beer Glasses tasting night where the focus was around drinking beer from a glass and the benefits of doing so. We always knew drinking beer from a glass was beneficial but here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. Taste & Aroma

Ever wondered why food tastes bland when you have a blocked nose? Its reported that more than 70% of taste comes from our sense of smell. Similarly, drinking out of a bottle doesn’t allow you to smell the beer when sipping. This is also the reason why most people say tap beer tastes better – drinking from a glass allows you to smell the beer with each sip. 

2. Aesthetics

We drink with our eyes! We judge things by appearance and research has shown just the look of food and drink can alter our perception of taste, smell and flavour. Glassware provides visuals for colour, clarity and carbonation – giving you an indication of what the beer may taste like prior to having a sip. Based on previous visual experiences you are likely to immediately know if you will like it or not, e.g. If you are not a dark beer fan.

3. Carbonation

Good beer glasses assist in head retention. A good head means that carbonation bubbles are bursting at the top of the beer releasing ester volatiles that are picked up by your nose with each sip – assisting in the detection of different flavours. Carbonation also provides mouth feel which enhances the drinking experience.

Of course there are always extenuating circumstances where drinking from your favourite beer glass won't be possible, unfortunately this is a fact of life!

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