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2017 Australian Valentine's Survey

2017 Australian Valentine's Survey

2nd Feb 2017

Beer Cartel and Edible Blooms are proud to bring you the 2017 Australian Valentine’s Survey – a study into the attitudes and behaviours of Australian couples towards Valentine’s Day. The report that follows is summary of a nationwide study of over 1,800 participants that are in a relationship. It is the most robust, public study currently available.

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Key findings from the research:

- The majority (80%) of Australian couple consider Valentine’s Day a special day and will be celebrating the day
- Celebrating Valentine’s Day appears important for maintaining a strong, growing relationship with those celebrating being more positive towards their relationship 
- Expect a boom day for restaurants on Feb 14 with over half of all couples, who are planning on doing something special, expecting to eat out

For those getting gifts:
- Ladies will continue to be showered with flowers, chocolates & cards
- For the guys Valentine's Day cards, chocolates & alcohol are popular gifts
- The average spend on gifts this Valentine’s Day will be $94 for males and $98 for females

Attitude to Valentine's Day

The vast majority (80%) of couples consider Valentine’s Day a special day for them. Just 20% are negative towards Valentine's Day.

How Couples are Celebrating Valentine's Day

Most expect to celebrate Valentine’s Day by doing something special (63%) and/or by exchanging gifts (38%). Just one in five couples will not be celebrating Valentine's Day.

Relationship Health of Couples

Those in an improving relationship are more likely to be celebrating Valentine's Day this year. 84% of those that said their relationship was better than ever expected to celebrate the day, compared to just 53% of those who said their relationship was not as good as in the past.

Relationship Health & Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day appears important for maintaining a strong, healthy relationship. The majority of those (68%) celebrating Valentine's Day say their relationship is getting better than ever. This compares to only half (50%) who are not celebrating the day saying their relationship is improving.

This Years Valentine's Gifts

Flowers (87%) are the clear gift of choice for females this Valentine's Day and are likely to be paired with chocolates (57%) and a card (49%). For men they can expect a range of gifts with a card (65%), chocolate (57%) and alcohol (45%) favourites. The average spend on women this Valentine's Day is expected to be $98, and $94 for men. 

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Valentine's Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day activities are diverse, but a meal at a restaurant is a firm favourite with over half (57%) of those doing something special for Valentine's Day expecting to eat out.

Top 10 Best Partner Traits

When asked what was their partners best traits friendship came up as the number one partner trait across both genders. The top 10 were very similar for both sexes, however men appear more vain; physical attraction was the 3rd most important trait in a female partner, but the 10 most important for male partners.

How Met Partner

Friends and work are the best opportunities for starting a relationship with half of all respondents meeting their partner through one of these two avenues. Online dating has seen success for one in ten (9%) individuals.

Online Dating Website Which Lead to Relationship

Among online dating sites RSVP has lead to the greatest relationship success with a third (34%) of all respondents who met their partner through online dating sites using RSVP.

Singles vs Couples - Attitude to Valentine's Day

For those not in a relationship they are still positive to Valentine's Day overall.

Activities of Singles on Valentine's Day

For those that are single Valentine’s Day is a day of self indulgence and spending time with others.

Respondent Summary

The 2017 Australian Valentine’s Survey involved over 1,800 respondents who are in a relationship. Respondents were located throughout Australia and varied strongly in age and relationship length.

Prize Winners
Congratulations to Nic Toose & Julie Skinner, winners of $350 of goodies from Beer Cartel / Edible Blooms.

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