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​Balter Captain Sensible

⠀Beer description: There are times when you want to let your hair halfway down. Throw your hands in the air like you care a fair bit. Drive the party bus down the highway at 97km/h. Introducing Captain Sensible, Balter’s mid-strength beer that lets you celebrate with the best of them, yet not get too loose [...]

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​Dainton Blood Orange New England Rye IPA

⠀Beer description: Blood Oranges are awesome. They give you a vitamin C hit and you get to pretend you are a fruit vampire, sucking the life out of your helpless victim. Sweet. We’ve really jumped on the NEIPA bandwagon - though we have Daintonfied it - Rye + Blood OJ. Fruity Hop Fun! Woo!⠀⠀Available online [...]

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​Mother Earth Sin Tax Peanut Butter Imperial Stout

⠀Beer description: Don’t let it fool you. This is an imperial stout first and foremost. Deep dark malts lend espresso notes and British crystal malts contribute the perfect toffee and caramel flavour. Despite the dry finish there is a wonderful molasses character compliments of brown cane sugar, and just enough residual sugar to finish full-bodied [...]

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​Hawkers Dreaming of Oats Hazy IPA

Beer description: This lush, hazy IPA brewed with oats and lactose will indeed become the subject of your dreams an ABV right in the sweet spot and a mouthfeel soft enough to rest your weary head upon. Think of this beer as the cool side of the pillow.⠀⠀Available online & in-store:⠀⠀Photo by: @froths_in_focus⠀

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​Quiet Deeds Best Coast Vol. 2 West Coast IPA

⠀Beer description: It is time to get yourself down to the Best Coast with this bold IPA in town. Big additions of some of our favourite hops make for a punchy, fruity, and somewhat resinous experience. With the surf gently lapping against the sandy beach, sit back, rest your eyes, and relax. Let the Best [...]

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​Paulaner Ur-Dunkel Naturtrub

⠀Beer description: It couldn’t be more steeped in history. Neither is it nobler. Because until the 1930s there was no other beer for Bavaria. So, despite the triumphant advance of the light, our dark is still a star today: mahogany brown, full-bodied sparkling, with spicy roasted aromas and hints of ??dark chocolate. The very best [...]

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​Quiet Deeds Pavlova Sour Hazy Pastry DIPA

⠀Beer description: What’s a Birthday without a cake? And what’s a better cake than a Pavlova? Staying true to our desire to innovate and create, we present the perfect pairing to A Quiet Deed - our Sour Hazy Pastry Double IPA with Mango, Passionfruit, Milk Sugar and Vanilla. Thick and creamy, with layers of fruit [...]

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​Tallboy & Moose Thunder Hammer Apricot Kveik IIPA

⠀Beer description: Apricot Kveik IIPA - It turns out Bjorn doesn’t hold back on his secret Norwegian breakkie juice recipe. We re-fermented this Kveik funk-bomb on 235kgs of Apricot puree and then cranked up the Equanot and Vic Secret dry-hop to 11. “This is how we do Breakfast in Norway” he says.⠀⠀Available online & in [...]

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​Mountain Culture MSG Hazy IPA

⠀Beer description: MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate which is a flavour enhancer that naturally occurs in tomatoes and cheeses. MSG is typically used as a food additive in ‘fast foods’. However, that has nothing to do with this creamy NEIPA which is packed full of the Mosaic, Simcoe and Galaxy hops we all love. Ohhh, [...]

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​Quiet Deeds A Quiet Deed Oat Cream Hazy TIPA

⠀Beer description: Eight years. It’s been eight years since the name Quiet Deeds hit the shelves of your local bottle shop. Let’s just say that alot happened in that time and there have been many changes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that from day one we wanted to make beer that we liked [...]

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