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Belgian Beer Café

13th Oct 2010

Last weekend in pouring rain, we decided to visit the Belgian Beer Café at Cammeray for a meal and a good beer. Despite the heavy rain the place was chocka with not an empty table in site. As we waited for a table to become available we sat down at the bar to enjoy their quality beer range.

There is something quite special about a pub that doesn’t just pour the beer but has a real process to it. For the Belgium Beer Café, the process begins with selecting the glass which matches the beer, washing the glass both before and after pouring to remove any impurities, and then removing any head. The performance is repeated for every beer that is poured. You can tell straight away that the Belgium Beer Café takes pride in this process.

The Belgium Beer Café have a great range of beers, with around 40 in total on their beer menu. The menu has been designed to ensure there is something for everyone with various fruit beers available for those who wouldn’t otherwise drink beer. My girlfriend Ang tried and enjoyed an apple beer while I had my first Chimay Bleue. Chimay is recognised as a quality beer range so I very much looked forward to this experience. The Chimay Bleue pours a dark brown with a creamy head, the taste is extremely smooth. It was a great beer to enjoy while I waited.

Mussels are the specialty at the Belgium Beer Café so we made sure we both had this for our main. Ang had her mussels Provencal, while I had mine with Blue Cheese. Both went down a treat and were the perfectly accompanied with beer.

Overall it was a great night – one word of caution, the beers all have a high alcohol content. If you are keen to enjoy a few beers make sure you have a taxi organised! The Belgium Beer Café has 4 locations within Sydney – Cammeray, The Rocks, CBD and Balmain. So if you are ever looking to experience a Belgium Beer look them up!