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We Give Thanks to the Gods of Beer

1st May 2017

Throughout history, mankind has given thanks to the various gods and goddesses for whom they credited the miracle of beer. These ancient deities were often associated with drinking, agriculture, and harvest, as well ascelebration.

Here are some of the most famous beer gods in history:

1. Ninkasi- The goddess of beer. The Sumerians (group of people originating from the Middle East) linked her to the process of brewing, fermentation and harvest. She was believed to have become a goddess by giving the world the gift of brewing. She was borne of "sparkling fresh water”, created to "satisfy the desire" and "sate the heart." The Poem “A hymn to Ninkasi” is one of the earliest human writings and is an actual recipe for brewing beer. Her name may also be familiar because of NinkasiBrewing Company - a craft brewery based in the United States.

2. Silenus - The Ancient Greeks have their own version of a beer god called Silenus. Silenus is the god of beer and drinking. Silenus was often featured as a jovial old and bald man with big beer belly and snub-nose. He is usually associated with his drinking pal, the wine god, Dionysus.

3.Tenenet- In Ancient Egypt,beer was a staple drink of the poor (wages were sometimes paid in beer). It was also a beverage consumed heartedly during religious festivals, and a drink offered to the gods and placed in the tombs of the dead. Tenenet, was the Egyptian beer goddess. She represented the Egyptian women who were customarily tasked with bread-making and beer brewing (the earliest brewers were female).

4.Tezcatzontecatl - In Aztec mythology, Tezcatzontecatl was the god of drunkenness and fertility. The Aztecs who were known for animal and human sacrifices usually drank beer during the ceremony to aid their connection with the divinities.