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Limited Edition IPA Pack

IPA | India Pale Ale
Strictly limited, just 48 available.

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About The Beer

This seventeenth version of our Limited Edition IPA Pack features 8 of the latest and greatest IPAs on the market. Perfect for all the hop heads out there.

Don't mess around because this one isn't going to last long - there are just 48 of these Limited Edition IPA Packs available and they're going to go fast!

If you're looking for some tasty new beers to try, including much loved hazy IPAs, then this is for you.

The line-up:


1. Fixation Freshly Hatched Ghost Chips Hazy DIPA 500ml Can

Freshly Hatched 12 means counting your Ghost Chips. A dangerously smooth double IPA loaded to the gills with NZ grown Riwaka and two newer hops in Superdelic and Nectaron. Please internalise this complicated brew with thoughts of pineapple, ripe citrus and a big golden haze! You can't have my Ghost Chips! Art from Devil's Candy. ABV 8%

2. Kicks WIthout Hyperbole Hazy IPA

Our biggest, boldest, baddest hazy IPA to date? We won't get carried away with hyperbole here. Instead we'll let the powerhouse combo of Strata, Nelson and Motueka do all the talking and you can decide for yourself! ABV 6.4%

3. Hawkers Singularity Point West Coast IPA 440ml Can

Hopped with nothing but New Zealand’s finest Motueka hops, Singularity Point is a lean, clean, West Coast-style showcase of the citrus medly and gentle herbal notes imparted by the Motueka variety. A brilliant hop for a brilliant beer! ABV 7%

4. Hop Nation Flathead Grapefruit IPA 440ml Can

A citrusy delight that balances the zesty punch of Chinook with the creamy, tropical notes of Sabro Cryo. Dry -hopped with Amarillo Cryo and Azacca Cryo, this brew is then brightened with a burst of fresh grapefruit juice. Experience hoppy bitterness and grapefruit tang in every sip. ABV 6.5%

5. Black Hops Golden Nebula Hazy IPA 375ml Can

Enhanced by the use of liquid Galaxy & Eclipse Spectrum hops, this juicy New England IPA is bursting with flavours of fresh tropical fruits and zesty citrus, paired beautifully with a protein-rich malt bill of rolled oats for a pillowy soft mouthfeel. If you're looking for a beer that is out of this world, then this is the one for you. ABV 6.8%

6. Coastal The Firs Double IPA 375ml Can

Pouring a light golden colour this is a big, yet balanced DIPA delivering loads of floral, citrus and pine. Hopped with Colombus, Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe this beer takes its name from The Firs picnic area high in the Barrington Tops and surrounded by old Douglas firs, a type of pine tree. ABV 8.5%

7. Pirate Life Tropical IIPA 355ml Can

A bucket-load of New Zealand and US hops give this new tropical IIPA a plethora of punch; both up the nostrils and on the tongue muscle. It’s vibrant, fresh and electric - an exciting, slightly lighter alternative to our core DIPA. Oats and wheat malt are added to the mash, both to enhance mouthfeel and add a delicate creaminess to the palate – a common addition to NEIPAs for this exact reason. This beer is for any lover of NZ hops, zesty IPAs, any classic PL brew...or even all three! Nose gets both lime and fresh tropical fruit salad, mouth is filled with punchy pineapple and mango.
Everything you’d expect from a PL double – equal parts BF and bully! Malt: Pale, Carapils, oats, flaked oats, wheat malt
Hops: NZ - Kohatu, Wai-iti, Rakua. US – Mosaic, Amarillo ABV 8%

8. New England Channel 40 West Coast IPA 375ml Can

This is a shout out to the drivers, day and night, big trucks and small trucks, with their radios set to Channel 40. This big IPA will hit the spot for that day off – Galaxy, Centennial and Simcoe hops blend grapefruit, citrus and pine with solid bitterness in a paired back malt body. Wide load ahead- take it easy. ABV 7.7%