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  • Moo Brew/Wilderness Society Giant Lobster Ale

Moo Brew

Moo Brew/Wilderness Society Giant Lobster Ale

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Country: Australia

Brewery: Moo Brew

Style: Altbier

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 4.5%

Drink a beer, save a legend.

Giant Lobster Ale is a beer brewed exclusively to help protect the home of the endangered Tasmanian Giant Freshwater Lobster by one of Australia's most awarded craft brewers: Tasmania's Moo Brew.

The beer is an Alt Ale - a cool, fermented ale that's well-balanced and easy drinking, with a touch of bitterness and a toasty aroma. It's clear and copper-coloured, much like the fresh, tannin-stained waters the Giant Lobster loves. Brewed in Tasmania, of course, thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends at Moo Brew!

After decades of poaching, habitat loss and mining pollution, the legendary Giant Freshwater Lobster - the world's largest freshwater invertebrate - faces extinction. Since our campaign launched, Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has signed a Recovery Plan for the species, and now we're keeping the pressure on the Tasmanian Government to put this into action.

All profits from the sale of this beer go straight back into the campaign to help protect the lobster's habitat from logging.


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  1. 4 Star Review Great gift with a great cause

    This is an awesome idea, giving back to conservation is something more companies should be involved in. Excellent work guys

  2. 5 Star Review Christmas bevy with environmental ethic

    Bought as a present for the lads at Christmas. Received happily. They tell me it is a solid dark ale with plenty of taste.

  3. 4 Star Review A beer with benefits

    With the purchase motivation being solely to support fundraising to save a species I really had no expectation of the beer apart from it being cold and quenching.
    But the taste is different and has the feel of very natural ingredients kind of like the streams from where the lobsters live. A good tang and nice after taste. I don't find it a quaffing style, just a nice sipper to have with some nibbles.

  4. 4 Star Review Good taste, good cause

    Liked the taste and was pleased to be supporting a great cause in the process. Reasonably priced and the can looks good as well!

  5. 4 Star Review Drinking for conservation - everyone's a winner!

    Giftee: male: comments: a well balanced & refreshing ale with a slight bitter aftertaste. Enjoyed it whilst relaxing on warm summer afternoons whilst watching the cricket as a well earned break after painting the ceiling. A great idea for raising awareness & funds for conservation.

    Gifter: female: refreshing ale with a slight smoky taste. I drink a beer 2-3 times a year on a hot day. This went well with a cheese platter and pizza - our rewards for painting the ceiling! A great useful gift idea.

  6. 4 Star Review saving the planet has never tasted so good...

    great tasting beer, but hey, drop the can fetish, canned beer was crap the first time around in the late 70s/80s, aluminium takes oodles of power to refine, glass is recyclable and just tastes a whole lot nicer...

  7. 5 Star Review Butter for your lobster

    This beer is great,
    It is full bodied but not overpowering in taste.
    The fizz/bubbles is quite soft and buttery and the tongue.
    Overall this is a great beer and glad that i had the chance to try a new beer and support a great cause.

  8. 4 Star Review Smooth, slightly hoppy beer

    Nice smooth slightly hoppy beer that is easy to drink

  9. 4 Star Review Help out the Lobbies!

    Nice easy to drink ale with a great taste and aroma. Worth a try!

  10. 3 Star Review Superb beer, but stupid packaging

    As it says on the tin (ie. the website): "It's clear and copper-coloured... You'll find it well-balanced and easy drinking, with a touch of bitterness and a toasty aroma." This was true. It was indeed more malty and toasty than the hoppier beer that I would usually prefer, but a nice change nonetheless.

    Happily, the beer was in cans, which is my preference because it is much easier to remanufacture the aluminium from a can than the glass from a bottle.

    Sadly, each 6-pack was held together with a hard plastic device. Text on the device said "recyclable", but unfortunately that doesn't mean that it will be recycled, even if the consumer tries. I sent both 6-pack retainers back to Moo Brew.

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