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Australian Independent Brewers Association Launches Independence Seal

Australian Independent Brewers Association Launches Independence Seal

10th May 2018

Today is a big day in the Australian craft beer world – in years to come some may even call it a game changing day.

Today the Australian Independent Brewers Association (IBA) launched their seal of independence.

What is the Independence Seal?

The Independent Brewers Association's (IBA) Independence Seal is designed to help Australian owned independent breweries to distinguish themselves from those owned by larger, multinational beer companies. It assists Australian craft beer fans looking to support independent breweries by being able to easily identify beers from independent breweries.

It builds on a movement of Independence Seals which started in the United States and United Kingdom in 2017. Consumers want independent owned craft beer. An independent seal is one clear way of communicating that.

How does a brewery qualify to be a member of the Independent Brewers Association (IBA)?

The Independent Brewers Association is an industry body created to represent more than 420 independent brewing businesses in Australia. The IBA defines an independent brewery as any brewery or brewing company that is less than 20% owned by a large brewer and produces less than 40 million litres per annum.

Why has an Independence Seal been created?

Based on Beer Cartel’s 2017 Australian Craft Beer Survey consumers firmly wish to support Australian independent breweries over all others.

- 64% of consumers want to know who owns the beer they're drinking

- 99% are happy to buy from an Australian Independent Brewery compared to just 23% that were happy to buy 'craft beer' from a large multi-national company

Willingness to Buy ‘Craft Beer’ by Ownership Type

Many consumers believe that the lesser known labels they are drinking are made by smaller local brewers, when in reality many popular craft beer brands are owned by large corporations. The Independence Seal is one easy way for consumers to determine which breweries are independent.

Where will you see the seal?

Eligible breweries will begin to display the seal on their packaging. You can also expect to see the logo at supporting venues and retailers around the country.

Currently, 50% of the nation’s craft brewers are a part of the Independent Brewers Association, with all members eligible to use the seal on their products.

What impact will the Independence Seal have?

At this stage it is to early to tell, but based on the 2017 Australian Craft Beer Survey 82% said a seal would have a medium/large impact on the beer they purchase.

Encouraging consumers to #askforindiebeer, the Seal will start being seen over the next few months and will be present on beer packaging, vessels and tap points of the brewers signed up to the movement.

How can you support independent Australian craft beer?

Keep an eye out for the Independence Seal at venues and breweries. Ask for independent beer at your local pub, restaurant and bar to encourage them to stock independent Australian beers.