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Top 5 Coolers/Eskies For Your Beers

Top 5 Coolers/Eskies For Your Beers

Posted by Holly Slater on 25th Feb 2021

Us Australian's are notorious for wanting (sorry, needing) our beers to be ice cold - and for good reason. With summers effortlessly reaching a scorching 40, keeping your golden nectar cool is a must for optimal enjoyment. We think the idea of sitting back, beer in hand with a cooler by your side full of frosty beers is close to perfection. So, to help us find that perfect cooler, we reached out to our mates at Tentworld. Tentworld are the experts in all things camping & the outdoors. We asked them to recommend the best ways to keep your beers cold - whether it's on the back deck with friends, on your boat, or out on a camping trip. We reckon with these 5 recommendations, you’ll be set for any occasion or lifestyle. 

Here are our top choices: 

Yeti Roadie 24

What: Yeti Roadie 24, $299, Tentworld

Best for: Durability

Why you should buy it: The Yeti Roadie 24 comes in 4 colours and has the most comfortable carry-handle that we've encountered on any icebox. It holds 18 frosty beers along with a generous 11kgs of ice, ensuring your first and last beers are icy cold. Its slim design means it’ll slide behind the front seat of the car, giving you quick access to ice-cold drinks no matter how long the journey. It is also tall enough to fit a nice bottle of wine or soft drinks. Bonus points go to the Yeti Roadie 24 Cushion, which fits snugly on the roof of your Roadie 24 Hard Cooler - if you ask us, it’s great for taking a load off and having a think (or drink!).

Dometic Cool-Ice 13L Rotomoulded Icebox

What: Dometic Cool-Ice 13L Rotomoulded Icebox $79, Tentworld

Best For: Indestructibility

Why you should buy it: High outside temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud? Well, we are in Australia so there’s a high chance of all three. Luckily, the “indestructible” Domestic ice boxes will take this in their stride. This award-winning icebox is equipped with extremely effective insulation, and once the cool packs have been placed inside they will keep your beer, meat and everything in between fresh. The height is perfect for taller bottles, and the addition of a strap makes it all the more portable. Strong and lightweight, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better all-rounder.

Coleman 8.5 Litre Party Circle Cooler

What: Coleman 8.5 Litre Party Circle Cooler, $14, Tentworld

Best for: Portability

Why you should buy it: Take this nifty cooler along to your next event. With a portable swing-up handle making carrying easy and its removable lid for easy access, it makes for a convenient choice for day trips and picnics. Boasting up to 12 hour ice retention, your drinks will stay cold throughout your whole event. An inexpensive quick-fix to get those well-deserved cold beers.

Yeti Rambler Australian Colster

What: Yeti Rambler Australian Colster $39, Tentworld

Best for: Best. Stubby Holder. Ever.

Why you should buy it: The Yeti Colster Stubby Cooler Holder is like a stainless steel bear hug for your standard 375ml cans or similarly sized bottles. The Load-and-Lock Gasket secures your drink in place while the Colster’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your favourite beverage frosty longer. Plus, it has a No Sweat Design, which means you say adios to damp or frostbitten hands. Let your Colster hold your drink of choice in style.

Evakool Icekool Icebox Coolers

What: Evakool Icekool 21L - 108L Icebox Coolers, $89 - $649, Tentworld

Best for: Range of sizes

Why you should buy it: The Evakool Icekool Icebox is your answer to a high quality icebox for your next camping trip. Available in a range of sizes from 21L all the way up to a huge 132L, this cooler suits all needs. It’s the perfect combination of quality, durability, and performance and offers a product that’ll last. Featuring a tough polyethylene cabinet and Evakool's superior insulation, they can hold ice for up to 10 days. These great ice boxes are ideal for family picnics, the beach, parties, camping, and boating. With nation-wide service support, you'll never need to worry about your Icekool - no matter where your adventure takes you.

To view all these Eskies and more checkout Tentworld's great range of Eskies.

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