HPA LUPOMAX® Mixed 12 Pack

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Experience lupomax-logo-colour-small-v2.png - an enriched hop pellet designed to deliver bigger, bolder, brighter hop flavour and reliable brewing performance year after year.


It’s another exciting addition to Hop Products Australia's (HPA) range, available now in Amarillo®, Ariana, BRU-1™, Callista, Cashmere, Citra®, Columbus, Ekuanot®, El Dorado®, Huell Melon, Idaho 7™, Mosaic®, Saaz and Sabro® hops.

To promote the exciting innovation HPA has teamed up with with Beer Cartel, Australia’s #1 online craft beer store and a host of Aussie breweries to bring you a special mixed pack containing twelve (330ml - 375ml) beers featuring popular hops exclusively in the form of LUPOMAX® enriched pellets.


The LUPOMAX® Mixed 12 Pack:


1. Akasha Mad MAX West Coast IPA | 375ml | ABV 6.0%

A big tropical fruit hit followed by a desert-dry finish. 

Featuring LUPOMAX® Ekuanot®, El Dorado® and Mosaic® hops.

2. Black Hops Afterburner Red IPA | 375ml | ABV 7.2%

The malt sweetness supports citrus and pine flavours tied together with a persuasive bitterness. 

Featuring LUPOMAX® Amarillo®, Citra®, Ekuanot® and Mosaic® hops.

3. Dainton Lupe-de-lupe NEIPA | 355ml | ABV 6.5%

A juice explosion of full throttle hop flavour that soars across the palate before touching down with a spectacularly satisfying finish. 

Featuring LUPOMAX® Citra®, Ekuanot®, Huell Melon, Mosaic® and Sabro® hops.

4. Hobart Brewing Co Less Is More WCIPA | 375ml | ABV 6.8%

Classic hop flavours of Citra®, Mosaic® and El Dorado® shine cleaner, crisper and brighter than ever before.

Featuring LUPOMAX® Citra®, El Dorado® and Mosaic® hops.

5. Hop Nation Plug & Play West Coast IPA | 375ml | ABV 6.0%

Floral and citrus rounded out by a strong but balanced bitterness.

Featuring LUPOMAX® Amarillo®, Callista and Huell Melon hops.

6. Little Bang MAXI Scratchy Black IPA | 375ml | ABV 6.0%

A blend of rich, fruity flavours on a smooth roasted malt base.

Featuring LUPOMAX® Amarillo®, Citra® and El Dorado® hops.

7. One Drop Luponus Maximus Session IPA | 330ml | ABV 2.9%

Big citrus, papaya, passionfruit and lemon candy vibes with a sessionable finish and balanced bitterness.

Featuring LUPOMAX® Amarillo®, Citra®, Huell Melon and Sabro® hops.

8. Otherside LUPOMAX Hop Attack Strong Pale Ale | 375ml | ABV 6.0%

Massive tropical notes layered over dank resin. It finishes dry, with solid bitterness for structure. 

Featuring LUPOMAX® Citra® and Mosaic® hops.

9. Batch LUPOMAX Hoppy Kolsch | 375ml | ABV 4.8%

A storm of peaches, ruby red grapefruit and a hint of vanilla.

Featuring LUPOMAX® Ariana, Callista and Huell Melon hops.

10. Slipstream LUPO FORCE IPA | 375ml | ABV 6.5%

Bursting with grapefruit, fruit blossoms, bubblegum and a hint of herbs.

Featuring LUPOMAX® Amarillo®, Citra®, Ekuanot®, El Dorado®, Mosaic® and Sabro®.

11. Sydney Brewery Czech 1-2 Pils | 330ml | ABV 5.0%

Slightly sweet with spicy, herbal flavours and a notable bitterness. 

Featuring LUPOMAX® Saaz hops.

12. White Bay LUPOMAX Orbit Hazy IPA | 355ml | ABV 7.0%

Bright citrus, pineapple and stone fruit flavours with gentle underpinnings of guava and coconut.  

Featuring LUPOMAX® Ariana, El Dorado® and Sabro® hops.


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Who is Hop Products Australia (HPA)?




Their farms have been growing hops for more than 150 years, but their breeding program is focused on creating new aromas and flavours that will make even more tasty beers.

And they’re regional representatives of the global BarthHaas group. This means HPA are able to share their Aussie hops with brewers around the world, and bring a huge range of international hops and innovative hop products to Aussie brewers.   


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