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Baladin Xyauyu Kentucky 2017 Barleywine 500ml Bottle

500ml Bottle 13.5% Barley Wine

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About The Beer

Country: Italy

Brewery: Baladin Brewery

Style: Barley Wine

Format: 500ml Bottle

ABV: 13.5%

“Meeting Giancarlo Guzzo has given me the opportunity to understand that tobacco is deeply rooted in the farming tradition of our country and our soil”. This is what Teo said in 2005 when he had the inspiration to create one of the most peculiar versions of Xyauyu. Up to that moment, he had aged this extraordinary oxidized beer in barrels that had previously hosted great rums or whiskies. Now he was trying to infuse his creature with the soul of a typically Italian product, which however has nothing to do with the world of food and drinks. The result is an extremely intriguing and captivating version of Xyauyu.

A specialty wood aged beer - a barley wine with a dark deep red colour and no head. The scents of tobacco and caramel immediately emerge, with a final light touch of vanilla. When sipped, the wood component stands out and supports the notes of tobacco, which strike a good balance with the hints of nuts and dark chocolate.

Ingredients: Water, barley malts, sugar, hops, yeast, infused Kentucky tobacco leaves and... Good, fresh air from the Langhe.