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Podcast Episode 11 - The Balter Story With Co Founder Stirling Howland and Head Brewer Scotty Hargrave

Posted by Lachlan McLean on

For our 11th episode I chat to Balter co founder Stirling Howland and Head Brewer Scotty Hargrave about their amazing rise and success. We chat about their unique design, branding and absolute killer beer and how this has really set the benchmark for craft beer in Australia.

You can browse our  full range of Balter beers here.

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Full Text Transcript Below:

Podcast Episode 10 - The Black Hops Story With Co Founder Dan Norris

For our 10th episode I chat to Black Hops co founder Dan Norris about their amazing story. We talk about how a beer at a pub with 3 mates can really turn into successful craft brewery. You can browse our full range of Black Hops beers here. Subscribe to 'The Inside Word' on  iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify Full Text Transcript Below:Lachlan McLean: [...]

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​Mash Session Indian Ale

⠀⠀Beer description: Our little Hop Bomb! Hops and more hops, cram em in. Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic, hold back on the bitterness, run some sweeter malts and bingo, Session ale! This is a little ripper at just 4.4%⠀⠀Available online & in store: http://bit.ly/30AyLj8⠀⠀Photo by: @mashbrewing

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​Yulli’s Brews Dolly Aldrin Beetroot And Apple Berliner Weisse

⠀⠀Beer description: A traditional German style sour wheat ale, where low alcohol, tartness, and fruit combine to create the ultimate quencher! The beer undergoes a 24 hour period of lacto-fermentation where all the souring takes place, before being fermented as normal, and finally blended with freshly cold pressed Beetroot & Apple. The result is a [...]

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​Nomad/Lervig Super Dooper Sonic Triple IPA⠀

⠀Beer description: When our good friends from Lervig paid us a visit, we thought it was obvious as we both brewed produce a beer called Supersonic to combine these double IPA’s to create an almighty triple IPA. Not for the faint hearted, we have loaded this with hops and malts to bring it up to [...]

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​Mash Locky Road Nitro Milk Stout⠀

⠀Beer description: Get ready to ride the pillow soft marshmallow road. Brewed with cacao nibs, marshmallow, candi syrup and lactose. Turbo charged with nitrogen.⠀⠀Available online & in store: http://bit.ly/2XM8jpP⠀⠀Photo by: @average_blokes_critique

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​Moo Brew Red IPA⠀

⠀Beer description: Hey Moo Brew is droppin a sneak-preview of the first of their new Limited Release range right in your lap, and it’s real red. We went for a Red IPA because they’re hard to make (and we like a challenge), and also so we could launch it during Dark Mofo, where everything in [...]

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​Our monthly Limited Release Tinnie Pack #5 is going fast.

⠀⠀Get in quick as there’s only a few left: http://bit.ly/2XL44Lb⠀⠀Featuring a selection of the latest and greatest beers around. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to.

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​Hargreaves Hill Extra Special Bitter

⠀⠀Beer description: Our cult beer, this is a “new world” interpretation of the classic English style. This ale features considerable crystal malt character, as a backbone to carry the hefty bitterness. Substantially dry hopped with carefully selected hops from either the US, NZ, or Australia (currently Nelson Sauv in from NZ), this adds aromatic and [...]

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​Dame Jeanne Brut Vintage 2017⠀

⠀Beer description: Special Edition. Oak aging beer. American oak with Elijah Craig Bourbon (Heaven Hill Distillery).⠀⠀Available online & in store: http://bit.ly/2JAf6dJ⠀⠀Photo by: @tastethecitybelgium 

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