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  • Batch Beastie Boysenberry Sour Ale

Batch Brewing Company

Batch Beastie Boysenberry Sour Ale

$8.50 $8.50

Country: Australia

Brewery: Batch Brewing Company

Style: Sour Ale

Format: 440ml Can

ABV: 4.6%

Boysenberry, Beastie Boysenberry, big berry junkie, that juice be funky Batch, got this dance that's real, drink dis sour here's how you feel Put your left leg down and your right leg up Tilt your head back let's finish the cup Looks fine in the bottle (Aggregate fruit man!) Cross-pollinated with the berry clan We preffer this bramble (it's love that you give us) Wherever we go we bring this sour with us Sweet tart flavour you'll see (Yeah Saccharomyces) Double R. Ursinus ideas most definitely We Beastie Boysenberry and we rock well We got a castle in Marrickville (that's were we dwell).

Product Reviews


  1. 3 Star Review Good middle of the road beer.

    Really enjoyed this beer nothing offensive, a good all rounder.

  2. 4 Star Review an adults boysenberry ripple ice cream!

    A unique flavour for a fruit beer, but recognisable. Classic sour beer flavours present and not masked.

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