Beer of Origin

We're excited to release the 2022 Beer of Origin Mixed 12 Pack!

Featuring 12 different beers (6 from NSW and 6 from QLD) across a range of different styles and breweries this is one awesome head to head tasting pack.

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Which Beer Is From Which State?

Just received your pack and trying to figure out which beer is from which state? Here's a quick run down of the beers by state:


Akasha, Romeo & Juliet Double IPA (limited/seasonal release)

Sunday Road, 24HR Disco Cold IPA (limited/seasonal release)

Mountain Culture, Schwarzbier (limited/seasonal release)

Batch, West Coast IPA

Grifter, Pale Ale

Yulli's, Seabass Mediterranean Lager


Slipstream, Fruit Cart Cherry Sour (limited/seasonal release)

Revel, American Brown Ale (limited/seasonal release)

Range, Glow On Hazy IPA (limited/seasonal release)

Balter, Eazy Hazy

Ballistic, Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

Green Beacon, Wayfarer Tropical Pale Ale

Beer Tasting Notes 

Akasha Romeo & Juliet Double IPA | NSW | ABV 8.0%

But soft, what beer through yonder window pours? A brazenly tropical, fruit-forward elixir free of lingering sweetness, with a golden haze like young Leo’s hair, that’s what – a balanced yet powerful coupling ‘twixt East and West styles that’s anything but star-crossed!


Sunday Road 24HR Cold IPA | NSW | ABV 6.8%

Put on your party pants, ready your dancing shoes and step into the euphoric wonderment that is this beer. A moorish medley of lightly malted and heavily hopped that has you reading this right now as you’ve boogied back for more. This time we’ve decorated with a sterling hop bill of BRU-1, Lupomax Sabro, and Cryo Ekuanot – to really emulate that disco ball hop burst party in your mouth. We’ve taken two classic beer styles, and married them to leave you with the best of both worlds: crisp clean bodied and hopped until the beat drops! Jump in, boogie down, and party on – Sunday Road style.

 Sunday Road 24 Hour Disco Cold IPA

Mountain Culture Schwarzbier | NSW | ABV 4.8%

Our Schwarzbier pours out black with a ruby red hue but don't go expecting a toasty stout. This is still a refreshing lager, perfect for winter thanks to its malt-forward design that highlights subtle caramel and roasted notes with a smooth mouthfeel and balanced bitterness.

 Mountain Culture Schwarzbier

Batch West Coast IPA | NSW | ABV 5.8%

Of all the IPAs Batch has ever made, only one became a permanent fixture of the brewery - a testament to quality if ever there was one! Bright in colour, dry on the palate and thirst quenching in the extreme, wheat and pale malts compliment each other with nuance. Hops are added all through the boil and fermentor - Centennial and Chinook provide a generous base of juicy, chewy fruits, before Mosaic hops shine through with big hints of pineapple and tropical stone fruit. Balanced to precision, the bitterness in this IPA never overwhelms the palate. At the lower end of the IPA’s ABV spectrum, this beer is a faithful example of the West Coast style. High quality, precise, nuanced and fresh, this beer all of the qualities on which Batch prides itself.

Batch West Coast IPA

Grifter Pale Ale | NSW | ABV 5.0%

A golden Australian pale ale with an explosive hop bitterness & aroma thanks to the use of all Australian grown hops - Topaz & Galaxy. Its golden haze appearance is due to being completely unfiltered leaving you with an ale of wholesome character. A clean American yeast strain and a subtle yet sturdy malt backing give this beer the depth it needs to balance a healthy dose of zesty hops.

 Grifter Pale Ale

Yulli's Seabass Mediterranean Lager | NSW | ABV 4.2%

Seabass Mediterranean Lager is a light, dry and clean unfiltered lager. Pouring a pale straw colour, the beer presents subtle spicy & floral flavours from NZ Motueka hops, supported by all Australian barley & wheat. Seabass is the ultimate refresher for any occasion, and is best served with most foods but supports light citrus flavours, salty cheeses and fried foods particularly well.

Yullis Seabass Lager

Slipstream Fruit Cart Cherry Sour | QLD | ABV 3.5%

Initial sips of Cherry Sour teeter on the edge of sweet, before that signature tartness hits the tongue, delivering a mouthful of pure refreshment with an exciting, playful flavour. This is a juicy beer with minimal bitterness. It has a deep cherry-red colour, a classic sweet/sour balance and some lingering notes of cranberry and watermelon rind.

Slipstream Fruit Cart Cherry Sour

Revel American Brown Ale | QLD | ABV 5.3%

Pours a deep amber-brown with toasty warmth and a smooth, rich flavour. We've loaded this one up, in true Revel fashion, with US hops Amarillo, Simcoe, Chinook and Sabro to provide a fruity and piney aroma with plenty of bitterness to balance out the malty body. One to be savoured!

Revel American Brown Ale

Range Glow On IPA | QLD | ABV 6.2%

Glow On is an all Citra IPA brewed in our house style which we've bombarded with Citra, Citra Cryo and Citra LUPOMAX. We've kept the colour and the body light and fresh to make way for a powerhouse of tropical flavours. Prepare to be smacked with melon, lychee and passionfruit in a glorious display of citra juiciness. The finish is fresh, zesty and immensely crushable.

 Range Glow On Hazy IPA

Balter Eazy Hazy | QLD | ABV 4.0%

Why use a stick of dynamite when a party popper will do the trick? Eazy Hazy brings the colour and spark while keeping things nicely chilled. Succulent US hops deliver lime, passionfruit and hints of coconut around a creamy, rolled-wheat base to balance the zesty bitter finish. Pull the ripcord on one without strain or stress. Your well-contained taste explosion. 

 Balter Eazy Hazy

Ballistic Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout | QLD | ABV 6.7%

Inspired by the deliciously spicy hot chocolate served in Mexico. The challenge was to take those flavours and apply them to a beer. We came up with a 6.7% Milk Stout brewed with cocoa nibs, lactose, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and 2 different chillies. The result is our tasty and moreish Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout. Perfectly balanced and unexpectedly drinkable!

Ballistic Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

Green Beacon Wayfarer Tropical Pale Ale | QLD | ABV 4.9%

Brewed to embody our unique Queensland summer, the naturally hazy appearance is reminiscent of Moreton Island’s golden hour glow. Bursting with lush tropical aromas of lychee, melon and passion fruit, Wayfarer exhibits vibrant fruit favours, a smooth body, low bitterness and a refreshing finish.

Green Beacon Wayfarer Tropical Pale Ale