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Best of Germany Mixed 12 Pack


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About The Beer

It's no secret Germany has been making some of the best beer in the world for a very long time. Our fourteenth edition of our Best of Germany Mixed Pack brings together 12 incredible German beers that pair great with a plate of Bratwurst, or makes for an excellent tasting night with friends. Prost!

Here's the line-up:


1. Franziskaner Hefeweizen 500ml Bottle

The original fresh wheat beer taste. Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrub is a natural and elegant Weissbier from Bavaria with a lush white foam. The copper golden wheat beer unfolds with an aromatic fragrance and harmonious banana and citrus fruits. ABV 5%

2. Schneider Weisse Eisbock 330ml Bottle

Magic and a black soul - the mahogany coloured, almost black "Eisbock" for sensuous indulgence, best served in a balloon glas. Matured in a special freezing process following a special recipe, with a soft, elegant body, but still intensive. Spicy flavours of plum, banana and clove reveal themselves along with a hint of bitter almond and marzipan. Tempting as digestif, to crepes, dark chocolate, Tiramisu and fully ripe parmesan cheese ABV 12%

3. Weihenstephaner 1516 Kellerbier 500ml Bottle

The first sip of this amber-orange-coloured Kellerbier reveals a touch of caramel. Its fresh and fruity aroma is owed to the chosen hops and accompanied by a pleasant bitterness. In combination with a well-balanced malt body this wonderfully mild and smooth beer was created to please both, your tongue and mind. The hops chosen are the rare sort “Hallertauer Record” for bittering and "Hallertauer Perle" as well as “Hallertauer Mittelfrüh” for aroma. ABV 5.6%

4. Aktien Landbier 1857 500ml Bottle

Aktien Original 1857 is a bottom-fermented beer specialty with character - crispy, spicy and fresh at the same time. It has its origins to the founding days of the brewery, where it was stored in oak barrels in the naturally cooled cellars of the Bayreuth brewery in peace to full maturity. Thanks to the original recipe from 1857 and the traditional brewing process, Aktien Original still has this unique taste of the good old days. Golden yellow in colour. On initial tasting, Original 1857 develops a full-bodied spicy flavor and then gives a satisfying balanced hopped note in the aftertaste. ABV 5.3%

5. Bitburger 500ml Can

Our straw-coloured pilsner is crystal-clear and perfectly hopped, boasting a light taste and a lasting foam head with extra-fine bubbles. This all combines for a moment of pure pilsner enjoyment. ABV 4.8%

6. Fruh Kolsch 500ml Can

From the recipe by Peter Josef Früh of the family brewery, this top-fermented specialty beer features the best ingredients and is brewed according to the German Purity Law. A favourite beer of Cologne, which became one of the city’s original. ABV 4.8%

7. Maisel Weisse Kristalweizen 500ml Bottle

Crystal-clear brilliance and sparkling carbon dioxide bubbles are the instantly recognizable characteristics of Maisel's Weisse Krystall, making it a delightfully effervescent refresher ABV 5%

8. Bayreuther Hells 500ml Bottle

A genuine Bavarian "Helles" – crisp, fresh, and full of flavor! ABV 4.9%

9. Schofferhofer Hefeweizen 500ml Can

Schöfferhofer German Wheat Beer Hefeweizen is brewed in Bavarian tradition using wheat malt. The live yeast gives bottle "conditioning" guaranteeing a refreshing fruity flavour. The yeast sediment also leads to the "cloudy" nature of the beer. Care needs to be taken when pouring. Tilt glass and poor slowly. Before pouring last quarter, roll bottle gently back and forward until sediment is dissolved ABV 5%

10. Weihenstephaner Tradition Bayrisch Dunkel 500ml Bottle

Our reddish brown dark lager “Tradition” with its mild aroma of hops smells like roasted malt and impresses with its sweet caramel flavor which is followed by a slight bitterness. Goes well with hearty dishes, such as roasts, poultry and game. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition on the Weihenstephan hill. ABV 5.2%

11. Weltenburger Kloster Pils 500ml Bottle

A delicate pilsener beer. Fresh and pleasantly bitter, hoppy in scent and flavour, golden with a creamy compact head. With a balanced blend of the bitter ingredients, carefully brewed according to the Bavarian purity law of 1516.It satisfies the highest requirements and plays in the Premier League of pils beers. ABV 4.9%

12. Warsteiner Pils 330ml Bottle

Enjoy this world-class international premium pilsner. Unique: the slightly tart taste experience. Exceptional: the top quality of the ingredients. Inimitable: the exquisite premium character. Pleasantly light: thanks to especially soft brewing water. ABV 4.8%