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Crispy Lager Mixed Pack

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About The Beer

Ask any craft brewer what their favourite beer style is and they will more than likely say ‘lager’. This 8 pack contains some of the absolute best, ranging from classics like Bitburger, to the likes of Mountain Culture, White Bay and Slow Lane. We’re in the midst of a lager renaissance, get involved! Only 24 available.

The line-up:

1. Mountain Culture APL Aussie Pale Lager 355ml Can

Using pure Blue Mountains water and hand-selected Australian ingredients for the ultimate crisp, smooth and refreshing lager. ABV 4%

2. White Bay Lager 355ml Can

Our Lager is our pride and joy, our go-to beer for any occasion. Brewed with the finest German grown barley and hops. Lager is fermented cold, is unfiltered and is naturally carbonated. Lager spends at least 56 days in the fermenter prior to packaging, allowing things to settle naturally and for the nuanced characteristics of this beer to develop. It boasts flavours of soft minerality, fresh sourdough pretzel with a touch of lemony, citrusy zest thanks to generous additions of German hops. ABV 4.7%

3. Slow Lane Liquid Bread Doppelbock 375ml Can

Doppelbocks are a strong, rich and malty lager originally brewed by Bavarian monks in the 17th century. Designed to sustain the monks while they abstain from solid foods during the 40 day Lent period, doppelbocks earned the nickname ‘Liquid Bread’. Disclaimer: We do not condone 40 day beer-only diets. ABV 8.5%

4. Bitburger Pils 500ml Can

Our straw-coloured pilsner is crystal-clear and perfectly hopped, boasting a light taste and a lasting foam head with extra-fine bubbles. This all combines for a moment of pure pilsner enjoyment. ABV 4.8%

5. Hop Nation Rattenhund 355ml Can

Traditionally brewed using Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt, partnered with Perle and Spelt Select hops. Rattenhund has been fermented by Bluestone Yeast's Pilsen strain, before an eight week extended lagering. Clear, refreshing with a fluffy, lip smothering head. ABV 4.8%

6. Freshwater Road Trip Pils 440ml Can

Brewed with fresh hops from our mates Ryefield and under modified Pilsner Malt from Voyager. Nothing like a long four step mash and a four month fermentation time. Pouring straight from the horizontal lagering tanks. This is craft lager. ABV 4.7%

7. Young Henrys Natural Lager 375ml Can

Our Natural Lager is exactly what the name suggests. Four ingredients go in and this beer comes out. Just hops, malt, water and yeast we don’t even filter itABV 4.2%

8. Kaiju Cerveza 375ml Can

Light on the hops, crisp and clean. Perfect for sun-soaked sessions or just chilling with your crew. It's the brew you'll consistently reach for, thinking, "Just one more."  The perfect refreshment for every occasion.  ABV 4.4%