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Crispy Lager Mixed Pack

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About The Beer

Ask any craft brewer what their favourite beer style is and they will more than likely say ‘lager’. This 8 pack contains some of the absolute best, ranging from classics like Bitburger, to the likes of Mountain Culture, White Bay and Slow Lane. We’re in the midst of a lager renaissance, get involved! Only 24 available.

The line-up:

1. Mountain Culture APL Aussie Pale Lager 355ml Can

Using pure Blue Mountains water and hand-selected Australian ingredients for the ultimate crisp, smooth and refreshing lager. ABV 4%

2. White Bay Gantry Noir Czech Dark Lager 440ml Can

Unfiltered, naturally carbonated and undergoing 10 weeks cold-conditioning, Gantry Noir flips the script on our house Pilsner. Think brooding older sibling who introduced you to Metal. Na Zdravi ABV 5.3%

3. Sunday Road Coffee Lager 375ml Can

We have teamed up with the crew White Horse Coffee who supplied us with the Kenyan Cold Drip coffee which we added to our Vienna Lager.
The result is a bold coffee nose and creamy mouthfeel, plenty of coffee, chocolate and caramel layers melding together.
Well balanced, it will keep you wanting another. ABV 5%

4. Rothaus Pils 330ml Bottle

The most popular Rothaus beer is the Rothaus Pils. With an original gravity of 12.4% and 32 IBU’s, Rothaus Pils has a prominent position among other pilsners. Rothaus Pils is fermented from bottom-fermenting yeast that’s been developed in house, before maturing for roughly four weeks. During this period, its robust and elegant flavors and its high Rezenz are cultivated. Rezenz is the term for the refreshing feeling produced by the carbon dioxide in beer. ABV 5.1%

5. Breakwall Kellerbier 375ml Can

Kellerbier joins our Pale Ale as one of the first two beers we made at Breakwall to open the doors with. A beer designed to satisfy the need for a lighter, bit still characterful offering that you can spend an afternoon with. A young, unfiltered lager with flavours of baked brioche, toasted bread crust and a hint of brown sugar pillared by a soft, rounded mouthfeel.  ABV 3.5%

6. Freshwater Crisp Lager 375ml Can

Crispy, clean and refreshing. An uncomplicated Aussie lager that keeps you coming back for more. When you want a beer to taste like a beer. No room to hide, we're stoked to brew a beer like this on a small scale system. Get into it. ABV 4.2%

7. Seeker PK Dark Lager 375ml Can

Port Kembla Dark. A rich & refreshing collaboration By The Servo & Seeker Brewing. A delicious dark lager: Smooth chocolate, subtle cola & a roasted malt backbone. It's brewed for refreshin' & perfect for a session, Like a golden PK sunset into the night, It's a classic that just feels right. Best enjoyed ice cold at The Servo, In beautiful downtown Port Kembla, NSW.  ABV 4.5%

8. Hop Nation Rattenhund 355ml Can

Traditionally brewed using Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt, partnered with Perle and Spelt Select hops. Rattenhund has been fermented by Bluestone Yeast's Pilsen strain, before an eight week extended lagering. Clear, refreshing with a fluffy, lip smothering head  ABV 4.8%