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Hawkers BBA White Stout 2023 Tiramisu Edition 440ml Can

440ml Can 6% Stout

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Hawkers Beer

Style: Stout

Format: 440ml Can

ABV: 6%

Lurking beneath the creamy, rich decadence of this Bourbon Barrel-Aged White Stout is a behemoth wielding even more creamy, rich decadence. Laden with cacao, vanilla, lactose, and coffee, this Tiramisu Edition is a worthy adversary for any drinker. Tread lightly, lest it swallows you instead.

Contains lactose.

On the artwork: The Leviathan appears in a few Biblical passages, and in short it’s a sea serpent that represents a physical form of evil. It has come to also generally refer to a beast in a more generic sense of the term, but every monster has roots. Does it have a specific or even tenuous link to white stout or tiramisu? No. But, you can’t win them all—had there been some sort of mythical chocolate monster, I’d have gone with that.