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HPA Even Flow Mixed 8 Pack

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About The Beer

As the country’s largest hop grower, HPA are focused on a future of quality beer. They supply a range of liquid bittering, antifoam, haze, aroma and flavour hop products for better brewing efficiency, sustainability, and profitability…including Galaxy®, Vic Secret and Eclipse® in the revolutionary SPECTRUM for dry hopping.

To celebrate their range of flowable and fully dissolvable hop products, HPA teamed up with a bunch of local breweries (and one New Zealand brewery) to bring you a mixed pack of 8 solid beers made with liquid hops:


  • Black Hops | Interstellar | IPA
  • Bridge Road | Liquid Cold | Cold IPA
  • Hobart Brewing Co | Wavelength | West Coast Pilsner
  • Kaiju! | Guy Incognito | XPA
  • Sawmill | Hazy Pale Ale
  • Sydney Brewery | Tastes Like Holidays | Hazy Pale Ale
  • Tallboy & Moose | Spruce Sprigsteen | American Strong Ale
  • Wayward | Cosmic Crush | American Pilsner


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