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Limited Edition Tinnie Pack

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About The Beer

This version #57 of our limited edition Tinnie Pack features 12 of the latest and greatest cans that are on the market.

Don't mess around because this one isn't going to last long!

If you're looking for some tasty new beers to try, including super popular IPAs then this is for you.

The line-up:


1. Kicks California Dreamin' West Coast Pale Ale 440ml Can

California dreaming of a time gone by when the pale ales were rich, malty and loaded with citrus and pine. 5.5% ABV

2. Uraidla Coconut Moonlight Toasted Coconut Stout 375ml Can

Moonlight Oatmeal Stout with toasted coconut. Warm freshly baked coconut with layers of velvety milk chocolate. Oatmeal providing a luscious creamy mouthfeel. Full flavour finishing with a lingering espresso bitterness. 5.6% ABV

3. Bentspoke Dick Tracy American Brown Ale 375ml Can

The legendary brew that started it all. This American-style brown ale is a nod to our very first mash, and it's been a beloved tradition to brew it every Good Friday since. A time capsule that captures the spirit of innovation and nostalgia in every sip. Dick Tracy will charm your palate packed with rich, robust malts and artfully layered with fruity hops. This brew will remind you why some classics are worth revisiting. ABV 6%

4. Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA 355ml Can

This hoppy IPA is a full bodied beer brewed with malted barley, wheat, and crystal malts. The malt base is designed to highlight the unique floral qualities of Columbus and Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest.

Racer 5 is one of America’s most medal winning IPAs. Enjoy this iconic, award winning IPA that helped define the West Coast style. There’s a trophy in every glass. ABV 7.5%

5. Lost Palms x Dominion City Palm City Hazy IPA 440ml Can

Our Hazy IPA brewed in collaboration with our mates at Dominion City Brewing Co. From it's enticing aroma to it's lush, fruit forward palate - it's a testament to friendship and the vibrant flavours found in natures bounty. Ripe mango, passionfruit and peach on the nose, with the first sip unveiling a symphony of juices - pineapple, guava and papaya. Riwaka contributes a soft citrus zest, while a touch of pine resin adds depth and structure to the tropical fruit medley ABV 6.7%

6. Bells Beach Brewing Chicama Chocolate Stout 375ml Can

The "Mamape" or never ending wave at Chicama Peru inspired this bold and decadent chocolate stout who's flavour linger almost as long as riding this wave. This bold chocolate stout begins with a classic oatmeal stout base which has large quantites of organic Peruvian cacao nibs layered through mash, boil and fermentation to bring bold and decadent chocolate notes that linger persistently on your palate ABV 6.3%

7. Bridge Road Cali Double IPA 440ml Can

Cali IPA is the softer, juicier little bro of the trad WCIPA. It’s got a lean, light, malt profile, but still boasts a massive hop bill. It nails that elusive sweet spot between old and new-school. ABV 8.5%

8. Slow Lane Shadow Puppet West Coast Pilsner 375ml Can

Shadow Puppet is our first West Coast Pilsner, a style that combines the clean malt and yeast profile of a pilsner with the big hopping of a West Coast IPA. We used freshly harvested 2024 Australian Eclipse hops, including a generous dry hop. Giving the beer strong mandarin and citrus notes, with a touch of pine. ABV 5%

9. Reckless Black IPA 375ml Can

Thronging with balanced New World American hops in a hellishly good taste of the dark side, there's none more black than this Black IPA. An absolute headbanger's ball of citrus and resin characters dancing over roasty bones of malt and coffee. Reckless invites you to crank up the amps and shred the night away with this quality doom fuel. ABV 6.5%

10. Sure True Hoppy Lager 375ml Can

Like diving headfirst into a cool, crisp ocean, scented with waves of "juicy as" Kiwi hops. Drift onto the can's QR code for your SURE SOUNDS playlist. Summer holiday all year round? SURE. ABV 4.7%

11. White Bay Extra Pale Lager 375ml Can

It’s a White Bay kinda day, perfect for a crisp and clean Extra Pale Lager. It’s your classic Aussie beer with just a little more in the flavour department. Proudly brewed on Sydney Harbour, at home anywhere.  ABV 4.2%

12. Two Mates West Coast Pilsner 375ml Can

This WC Pilsner has Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner malt as a base alongside some Vienna malt for some grain/cracker influence and a touch of colour. In the brewhouse they have used Magnum for bittering alongside Perle and finished it with a liberal dosing of Czech Saaz. As for the dry hop, there is both Simcoe (citrus / grapefruit / pine) and NZ Nelson Sauvin (refined white wine / gooseberry) which are allowed to fully shine without much else in the way. Drinkability is high with a lot of hop flavour too, so it’s win/win. ABV 5.6%


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