Limited Release IPA #2 Mixed 12 Pack

Strictly limited, just 48 available.

About The Beer

This limited edition IPA Mixed 12 Pack features a dozen of the latest and greatest IPA's that are on the market. Perfect for the all the hop heads out there.

Don't mess around because this one isn't going to last long - there are just 48 of these Limited Edition IPA's Mixed 12 Packs available and they're going to go fast!

If you're looking for some tasty new beers to try, then this is for you.

The line-up:

1. Barrier Shore Shaker IPA

NE Pale Ale. Packed with a ridiculous amount of juicy dank hops! Straw opaque in color, zero visibility, hoppy dank candy! An "all day" drinking type of IPA. ABV 4.2%

2. Stone Neverending Haze IPA

There’s a lot ‘neverending’ about IPAs around Stone. Beginning with Stone IPA being one of the very first and most popular West Coast style IPAs on the planet, to our celebrated explorations of double IPAs, session IPAs, fruited IPAs and ultra-fresh triple IPAs, they’re an integral part of our legacy. Plus there’s the oft-said (but not actually true) comments from some that “All Stone does is IPAs.” Ha! Yes, we may love them passionately and perpetually be on a quest for IPA nirvana, but this particular one actually happened onto the scene to aid in your noble pursuit of neverending good times. ABV 4%

3. New Realm Hoplandia IPA

The first beer from Brewmaster Mitch Steele's New Realm brewhouse couldn't have been anything but a hop-forward, west-coast inspired IPA... this IPA. It's dry hopped with Simcoe & Centennial and is perfectly hoppy with a classic piney, resiny and citrusy hop profile and a mild malt character in both nose and taste. Bitterness is smooth, but substantial and it finishes dry but with a balanced body. Mitch says "it's everything I want in an IPA. It's pleasantly bitter, yet drinks smoothly and has a wonderful blend of hop flavors dominating the aroma, taste and finish." ABV 7.3%

4. CoConspirators The Distributor Hazy Double IPA

The Distributor, this “debonair” dad- bod dude delivers the goods wherever The Matriarch needs. Right now he is distributing flavour just for you.  This hazy IPA is double dry hopped and will wash over you in waves of tropical bliss. Unlike this guy’s awkward dad jokes this is a velvety and silken beer that leaves you thinking of soft pillows and clouds but wake up this ain’t no featherweight. This moustachioed machismo thinks he’s the bomb but this hazy IPA is the bomb delivering an explosion of luscious and sultry tropical flavours. ABV 7.6%

5. Moon Dog Splice of Heaven Mango Ice Cream IPA

Our cult classic Splice of Heaven Ice-Cream IPA is back, this time with a mango twist! We’ve added fresh mango nectar for that fruity icy-pole flavour and smooth, creamy vanilla for a big scoop of ice-c reamy goodness. Combining Zappa, Azacca and Loral hops this IPA is perfectly balanced and downright dreamy drinking. It’s most certainly a Splice of Heaven! ABV 6.2%

6. Ballistic HBC 630 Hazy IPA

Brought to you by our good friends at Yakima Chief Hops & Cryer Malt, HBC 630 is a new world experimental hop shipped directly to us from the USA. Presenting unique characteristics including raspberry, cherry, sweet candy and even hints of creamy peach and banana!

Our Single Hop IPA range was created to showcase everything that individual hops have to offer. Every release we use the same classic West Coast and Hazy Single Hop recipe, so you can understand the latest and most popular hops that are available on the market. ABV 6%

7.  Molly Rose Shoulders IPA

Big classic flavours of citrus, floral pine and resin coming from classic pacific north western hops Cascade, Centennial and chinook while Aussie favourite Galaxy runs around the outside throwing in tropical new world flavours. ABV 7.2%

8. Black Hops/Chur Hop Swap Hazy IPA

They say that sharing is caring, so when we stumbled across the exciting new Aussie hop variety ‘Eclipse’, we got straight on the blower to our cuzzies at Chur Brewing NZ to see if they would like to play a game of Hop Swap. Firing back with a new experimental hop called ‘NZ107’ we had ourselves a good old fashioned Trans-Tasman collaboration idea. Boasting intense tropical fruit and citrus aromas with a smooth hazy body, this IPA was crafted out of a friendship that transcends the body of water that divides our two breweries. Cheers! (Chur!) ABV 7%

9. Akasha Lupulin Fog NEIIPA

“Now what kind of a fog blows against the wind?” Lupulin Fog, that’s what. Low in bitterness with a lush, full mouthfeel at the finish, its orange and tropical haze made it one of Australia’s original New England IPAs. Look across the water… look for the Fog! ABV 8.5%

10. Modus Operandi Lost In Fog Hazy IPA

If there was a weather forecast for this beer it would be this…pillowy soft clouds of tropical haze and frequent downpours from your favourite hop fruitbowl. Better get a Stackhat!

Everyone loves a Hazy IPA, right? So we’ve tweaked those little malt clouds and substantially beefed up the hopping regime across the best homegrown Aussie and US hop varieties to a triple dry hopped Hazy IPA for 2021.

The result is no Bruce Willis sequel with budget cuts. Instead, a majorly juiced up hazy IPA that throws fresh tropical fruitbowls in your face but with very light and no lingering bitterness and a dangerously soft, sessionable finish.

Fasten that Stackhat, take the training wheels off and launch your tastebuds high into the foggy clouds of Modus’ new Hazy IPA! ABV 5.8%

11. Hope F-11.1% Jet Sabro Hazy IPA

Bold and noisy just like a jet! It’s a massive Hazy IPA featuring Sabro hop. A very intense and hoppy beer with strong coconut flavours pop riveted together by bitterness and navigates its high alcohol for a perfect landing. ABV: 11%

12. Sunday Road Sunseeker Red IPA

Our Ruby Tinted IPA is bursting with grapefruit, mango and citrus from three generous dry hop additions of Amarillo, galaxy and falconers flight. We’ve used select specialty malts, along with malted oats which all combine to give this beer a wonderful mouthfeel and creamy off-white head. A beer you will savour and is dangerously drinkable. ABV: 7%


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