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Mountain Culture Synergy Oat Cream IPA 500ml Can

500ml Can 7% Oat Cream IPA

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Mountain Culture Beer Co.

Style: Oat Cream IPA

Format: 500ml Can

ABV: 7%

Whilst hot desking recently, we found ourselves brainstorming the customer journey. We did a deep dive on our core competencies and systematically reviewed the big data to evaluate how we can provide a more holistic brewing service. Our research suggests that in order to nurture sustainability and promote a return on investment, we must strive to brew opaque ales with elevated fruit notes and use a variety of synonyms for the word 'smooth' to describe the mouthfeel. Therefore, moving forward, this beer is full of fruit like aromas and flavours. Circling back, it also had a creamy, velvety, pillowy (insert buzzword here) mouthfeel.