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Pale Ale Mixed 12 Pack


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About The Beer

If you are looking for some refreshing pale ales that don't hold back on flavour, then look no further. This pack contains our go-to pale ales from some of our favourite Australian craft breweries, including #1 Voted Beer in Australia - Mountain Culture's Status Quo. Simple, refreshing and full of flavour. What more can you ask for? This is the perfect pack to keep in the fridge for any occasion.

Here's the line-up:

1. Mountain Culture Status Quo Hazy Pale 355ml Can

Status Quo is a New England Pale Ale. Made for hop lovers with massive late and dry hop additions, it's full flavoured and more tropical than the Hawaiian ukulele orchestra. ABV 5.2%

2. Breakwall Pale Ale 375ml Can

This is one of those beers that showcases the theory that the whole can be greater that the sum if its parts. Citra and Amarillo hops combine in a way that creates a surprising medley of strawberry, kiwi, melon and peach flesh flavours. Brewed with pale barley and just a touch of wheat to carry the body through a noticeable but complimentary bitterness. ABV 5%

3. Grifter Pale Ale 375ml Can

A golden Australian pale ale with a light malt body and zesty hop forward finish. ABV 5%

4. Ocean Reach Pale Ale 375ml Can

A combination of late hop additions and a generous amount of dry hopping produces a floral yet subtle nose. A clean, bitter finish with a touch of sweetness rounds out this ale perfectly. ABV 5%

5. Coastal Showoff Anchovy Hazy Pale Ale 375ml Can

Single hopped with Anchovy hops.
Anchovy is a new experimental variety from Segal Ranch in the lower Yakima Valley. Initially, it went by the name 24B-05 but was given the controversial name Anchovy by Matt Storm and Brian Strumke from Fast Fashion Brewing in Seattle. Fast Fashion was the first brewery to sponsor acreage. ABV 5.4%

6. Kaiju Krush Tropical Pale Ale 375ml Can

After generations of KAIJU! interacting with the local flora, a new species arose. The FRUJUS found the balmy weather and laid-back pace in tropical climes to their liking, settling many remote islands, but always on guard for those who would seek to exploit their mouth-watering juiciness and impeccable balance.

A super-clean malt profile allows the shipload of juicy tropical fruit flavours to arrive on the desert island of your palate unhindered. And it comes in a can, so after you Krush it, you can Krush it. ABV 4.7%

7. Hawke's Patio Pale Ale 375ml Can

Every sip of Hawke’s Patio Pale gives back to the natural wonders that surround your very own patio. A luscious, tropical-style pale, brewed for sunsets, cicada concerts, or for just putting your feet up and quietly sighing, “how good”.

An easy drinking pale, delivering a big, floral aroma, with tropical notes of lychee, stone fruit and citrus. Lightly toasted malt and gentle bitterness deliver a clean finish.

100% of Bob Hawke’s royalty share is donated to Landcare Australia, the charity he set up in 1989. Since launching in 2017, Hawke’s has raised over $400,000 for Landcare projects all across Australia. Read more about it here: ABV 4.5%

8. Mountain Goat Tasty Pale Ale 375ml Can

Yeah, quadruple-hopped, barrel-aged, double IPAs brewed with gold leaf and space dust are great, but have you ever had a pale ale? A good pale ale is a beautiful thing, and Tasty Pale Ale is a stunner. With punchy hop flavours of pine and stone fruit from the all-US hop line up, and a full-bodied mouthfeel, this brew is one tasty crowd pleaser. ABV 4.4%

9. Philter XPA 7 375ml Can

To celebrate 7 beautiful years of Philter Brewing we’ve gone back to where it all started. At 4.9% ABV this souped-up XPA, made using fresh Galaxy from the 2024 hop harvest, is bigger and bolder than the OG. Happy birthday to us!. ABV 4.9%

10. Slipstream Hazy XPA 375ml Can

Beachy vibes of pineapple and passionfruit lead the tropical hop aroma, giving way to a soft and fluffy mouthfeel. ABV 5%

11. Yulli's Norman Australian Pale 375ml Can

Norman is an approachable session beer, aimed at everyone from craft beer lovers to good beer newcomers, and everyone in between. A light malt base makes way for an abundance of hop character exhibiting an earthy floral aroma and hints of apple & pear on the palate before finishing with a crisp, clean bitterness leaving you wanting more. Australian hops Galaxy and Ella shine in this quencher, pairing nicely with our locally sourced malt to create a uniquely Australian Ale. ABV 4.9%

12. Wayward Everyday Pale Ale 375ml Can

This super sessionable Aussie Pale Ale is a beer for enjoying everywhere, anytime. The crisp, light malt profile is complemented by aromatic tropical fruit and citrus notes courtesy of Australian Galaxy and American Cascade hops. ABV 4.2%


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