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  • Pirate Life OG Stout

Pirate Life Brewing

Pirate Life OG Stout

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Country: Australia

Brewery: Pirate Life Brewing

Style: Stout

Format: 355ml Can

ABV: 5.8%

OG is the slang term for someone who's incredible exceptional, authentic, or "old-school". It can be earnestly used for a legend like Michael Jordan or more ironically, like for that friend who can unwrap a Starburst with their mouth. - DICTIONARY.COM

Pirate Life are always offering an elegant solution to the consumption conumdrum. Appealing to your curiosity while charismatically luring you beneath the rim of the glass. The OG Stout is no exception, compiling everything you've ever loved about the quintessential winter beverage, yet slung generously with that trade-mark Pirate pizazz.

It's black, with flamed amber when held to light. Like Sarsaparilla. The nose is subtle, hot brewed coffee. 70% Old Gold, faint suggestions of Taiheke turned grass like and earthy.

The mouth is full of rich chocolate, like every mud cake you ever scoffed, rum and raisin, cocoa nib, hot chewy continental loaf, espresso like bitterness fades in time with a stylistic dry finish. Oats here play the part of the youngst sibling at a family get together, they help to mediate and smooth things over.

Product Reviews


  1. 5 Star Review Missed it here but...

    I didn't get it in this order, but have had it at the home of the Pirate, and it is awesome... smooth, tasty and just the right rich bite.

  2. 3 Star Review Lacked some body - but a reasonable Stout.

    Strong start but finished quite lackluster for my liking. Still a pretty good drop though.

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