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Small Gods The Tun One Tonne Imperial Stout 440ml Can

440ml Can 10% Imperial/Double Stout

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About The Beer

Country: New Zealand

Brewery: Small Gods Brewery

Style: Imperial/Double Stout

Format: 440ml Can

ABV: 10%

Upon the quiet arrival of The Tun, the world seemed to fold into an eerie stillness. It hovered, a massive black cube with edges that seemed to stretch into the unknown, its gravity a silent call, pulling everything yet touching nothing. Its presence was an enigmatic whisper, a ghostly allure that seemed to come from the folds of another realm. The oddity of The Tun, with its silent, immeasurable immensity, was a mystery that beckoned, yet remained an untouched enigma, a vague silhouette in time, a question without answer.

The Tun is an Imperial Stout. This huge and viscous dark beer features a robust base of 1000kg of New Zealand malts bringing an array of complex dark malt characters. As this decadent and indulgent beer warms in your glass it reveals elegant and integrated flavours of roast, dark chocolate, dark fruit, burnt toffee, caramel, toasted rye bread, brown sugar and porridge. This is reinforced by a smooth and warming boozy finish and top notes of bramble and blackberry jam from a judicious addition of British hops.