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2 Crows Birds of a Feather Port Barrel Aged Oud Bruin Sour Ale 375ml Bottle

375ml Bottle 6.3% Sour Red/Brown

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About The Beer

Country: Canada

Brewery: 2 Crows Brewing

Style: Sour Red/Brown

Format: 375ml Bottle

ABV: 6.3%

The base sour brown beer was fermented initially in the 2 barrels used for the Megadregs project. If you missed out on the story behind that project, it involved 2 Crows hosting 20 or so different breweries from across Canada - they all brewed a beer together to 2 barrels (well, Miles brewed it and the rest of them drank beer), but instead of pitching a particular yeast, each brewery all poured in yeast dregs from various wild/sour beers they had each produced and let the numerous yeast and bacteria cultures play together in barrels to create one truly collaborative beer.

After about 3 months in Megadregs barrels, the beer was transferred into 2 freshly emptied port barrels, where it was allowed to condition for about 14 months before bottling and bottle-conditioning.