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Easter Long Weekend Store Hours + Latest Beers In Store

Posted by Geoff on 2nd Apr 2015

Few new beers over the last week courtesy of Batch Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, BrewDog, Nomad Brewing Co. HopDog BeerWorks & The Brooklyn Brewery. Enjoy the long weekend and a few crafty ales!

Always lots going on in our beer store, below are just a few highlights. 


Now Pouring on Growlers & Squealers

TAP 1: Illawarra Apocalypso IPA

Calypso, Mosaic and El Dorado are added the whole way through the brew process, with the Calypso shining through presenting tangerine citrus and lychee on the nose and palette. The new hop varietals available to Australia this year Mosaic and El Dorado bring pineapple and pine, and watermelon and tropical fruit respectively.

6.0% ABV

Squealer Fill (945ml): $17

Growler Fill (1.89L): $32


TAP 2: Pixel 480P APA

Local Sydney Gypsy brewer Kieran Allen has come up with this little beauty of a beer and currently brews out of Batch Brewing in Marrickville (Sydney).

480P is brewed on a base of Australian Pale Malt to showcase the tropical fruit & citrus aroma and flavour imparted by the American Citra hops added throughout the boil with small amounts of German Munich and English Crystal malts added to the grist to support the aggressive hopping regime and provide a hint of honey.

4.8% ABV

Squealer Fill (945ml): $15

Growler Fill (1.89L): $28


Next beers on tap (in no specific order):

Wayward Charmer India Red Ale


Latest Beers In-Store & Fresh Stock:

(To purchase any new beers online head to Latest Arrivals)


Thursday 2nd April

Young Henry's Hop Ale - NEW!

Young Henry's Natural Lager

Nomad Cruisin Australian Ale - NEW!

Nomad Long Trip Saison

Two Brids Sunset Ale

Two BIrds Golden Ale

Riverside 55 Pale Ale

Roverside 44 American Amber Ale


Wednesday 1st April

Stone & Wood Beers of the Earth Limited Release 6 Pack - NEW!

Batch Violet Beauregard Farmhouse Sour - NEW!


Tuesday 31st March 

Garage Project Hop Trial #3 Pilsner

Sierra Nevada Boomerang IPA - NEW!

Brooklyn Hand & Seal Barleywine #3 - NEW!

North Coast Old Stock Ale

Old Fart Gift Packs

Day of The Dead Hef

Day of The Dead Porter

Moritz Lager

4 Pines Pale Ale

Dad & Daves #1 Pale Ale

Moa Five Hop ESB

Mountain Goat Summer Ale

Murrays Rude Boy Pilsner

Stone & Wood Lager


Monday 30th March

Shenanigans Winston Pale Ale


Friday 27th March

BrewDog Nanny State - NEW!

BrewDog This is Lager - NEW!

Riverside 55 Pale Ale

HopDog Massive Otter ESB - NEW!

HopDog Lawn Mower Ale

HopDog Redhopulous 

Kaiju Hopped Out Red

Kaiju Metamorphosis IPA

Omnipollo Leon Belgian Pale Ale - NEW!

Garage Project Hop Trial #2 - NEW!