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Our Craft Beer Prediction - the growth of Sour Beer

Posted by richard on 20th Feb 2014

Every year we like to have a bit of a punt on the changes we expect to see across the Australian craft beer scene. Last year our bet was on the growth of Saison’s, which we saw being brewed by more and more craft breweries. The beer is a great refresher and is perfect for the warm Australian summer, with our favourite being the Bridge Road Chevalier Saison.

This year our bet is an increased interest in Sour beers. I know what you’re thinking – what the hell is a sour beer?! These are beers which are intentionally brewed with an acidic, tart or sour taste. Unlike traditional brewing, which is done in a sterile environment to guard against the intrusion of wild yeast, sour beers are made by allowing wild yeast strains or bacteria into the brew. Traditionally, brewers allowed wild yeast to enter the brew naturally through the barrels – an unpredictable process that most modern brewers now avoid. Similar to the Saison style they are actually highly refreshing, and reasonably common in Belgium, the home of amazing beer.

If you’re looking for an Australian version, we recommend beers from Two Metre Tall in Tasmania, and we hope to see a few more on the scene soon!