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Anchorage A Deal With The Devil / Time Waits For No One Twin Pack


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About The Beer

Twin Pack containing Anchorage A Deal With The Devil and Time Waits For No One. These are two exceptional once in a lifetime beers.

Just 3 twin packs available - limit one per person.


Anchorage A Deal With The Devil TO

Country: USA

Brewery: Anchorage

Style: Barley Wine

Format: 375ml Bottle

ABV: 17%

Faustian pleasure has consequence, of this you must know,
When you go down to the crossroads, expect more than a show,
Robert Johnson paid dearly, for talent and fame,
His deal with the devil, left only his name,
Eternal damnation, no chance for retreat,
Save only Mr. Daniels’, stunning cunning fiddle feat,
This devil is in the details, diabotical pacts abound,
Worldly riches and pleasures, but consequences come ’round,
‘Twix barley and beer, there is liquid sublime’,
But this devil is in the details, with consequence in time,
Thirty-seven plato, a matter of some gravity,
A Galaxy of hops, only adds to depravity,
Eight months in wood, of Cognac in barrel,
Mephistpheles you’re not, and the devil your peril,

A Deal with the Devil is a barleywine style ale brewed with galaxy hops. A starting gravity of 37 plato. Triple oak aged 10 months cognac Barrels, 12 months Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, and 5 months in Buffalo Trace Barrels. The devil is in the details… Enjoy!


Anchorage Time Waits For No One Imperial Stout

Country: USA

Brewery: Anchorage

Style: Imperial Stout

Format: 375ml Bottle

ABV: 14%

This beer was originally made in celebration of Steve Marshall’s 60th birthday. When writing the recipe, he wanted something that could age for a long time. Something that would reflect the passion he has for well made spirits and flavourful beers. This is the perfect beer for that occasion.

Hours are like diamonds, don’t let them waste.

Time Waits for No One is a 15% imperial stout aged for one year in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked barrels.