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Ballistic Bunker Project Shapeshifter Farmhouse Ale

750ml Bottle 5.5% Farmhouse Ale

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Ballistic Beer

Style: Farmhouse Ale

Format: 750ml Bottle

ABV: 5.5%

Blurring the boundaries between a Saison and an American IPA. Fermented warm using Saccharomyces "Bruxellnsis" Trois and a tropical blend of five Brettanomyces strains to create a modern farmhouse ale with a bright fruit-driven ester profile, lively carbonation, soft palette, and evolving funk. Pilsner, Wheat and Rye malts provide balanced bready malt character with a hint of spice. Hopped in whirlpool with Motueka and Hallertau Blanc, and generously dry-hopped with Eclipse and Motueka, the beer showcases bright notes of mandarin, lime and sauvignon blanc. Fermentation and hop characters meld into a seductively complex, bold and refreshing farmhouse ale.

Shapeshifter has been released fresh to showcase elevated hop character in younger examples. It will continue to develop elevated levels of Brettanomyces driven character and complexity over time.