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  • Beer Cartel Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Stemmed Glass

Beer Cartel

Beer Cartel Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Stemmed Glass

$15.00 $15.00

Enjoy your favourite craft beer in this specially designed Luigi Bormioli Birrateque glass, created to emphasise the aroma, flavour and mouthfeel of your beer.

Developed from the results of rigorous studies with Centro Studi Assaggiatori, an international specialist of sensory analysis in food and beverage.

Designed to be light and elegant, these glasses gather foam in a fine layer, enhance specific aromas, and bring to light the full spectrum of aromas within beer. They're also filled with edgy style, with their long stems and tulip-shaped bowls.

Best of all it is branded with our Beer Cartel logo.

Features of this glass:

  • Made in Italy.
  • Made with Luigi Bormiolo's ‘SON.hyx’ glass formula for ultra clarity.
  • Glass is totally transparent and will remain so for over 4,000 industrial dishwasher cycles.
  • Distributes the beer more widely across the mouth, not just to the centre of the tongue.
  • Allows beer to flow slowly into the mouth avoiding any turbulence, so that you can perceive all the gustatory and aromatic elements.
  • Stem helps to avoid heat transfer from hand to beer.
  • Maintains the foam at an adequate level when drinking. This inhibits the oxidation of the beer and ensures its flavour.
  • A universal glass suited to all craft beer styles.
  • Comes with etchings on the bottom of the glass to allow the continuous stream of bubbles to strengthen the foamy head.
  • Crafted with a titanium-reinforced permanent treatment for added stem strength and durability.

Product Reviews


  1. 5 Star Review Great glass!

    Very stylish and well designed glass - great for craft beer!

  2. 4 Star Review Beer tastes better in good glassware

    These glasses have a refined look, they’re certainly not your regular beer mug or pint glass. If you appreciate good craft beer then you will enjoy the integrity of the shape and volume of these glasses. The only negative for me was the name ‘Beer Cartel‘ on the glasses, but my son liked it.

  3. 5 Star Review Beautiful Glassware

    New favourite of the collection, nice and sturdy too.

  4. 5 Star Review Perfect Beer Glass

    Great glass for a craft drinker.. The shape brings the flavours out. Strong, holds the cold well if you chill it, and easy to clean. Definitely worth the money

  5. 5 Star Review My go to beat glass!

    Strong, durable when hand washing and pleasantly affordable.

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