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Beer Cartel Rastal Teku 425ml Glass


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About The Beer

Enjoy your finest craft beers like never before when you sip them from Beer Cartel's branded Rastal Teku Stemmed Beer Glass.

Featuring a unique angled bowl (with 425ml capacity) that enhances and captures the fragrant aromatics of your brew, a remarkably thin lip for unimpeded sipping, and an elegant stemmed design that prevents your hands from transferring warmth while simultaneously providing a stunning visual presentation. The Teku is a worthy craft beer glass for virtually any style, including Fruited Sours, Sour IPAs, Stouts, and Hazy IPAs.

Widely recognized as one of the finest craft beer glasses available today, the Teku glass was first designed by an Italian sensory expert and craft brewer and now they’re crafted in Germany by Rastal - The leader in ultra-premium glassware.