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Best of Britain Mixed Pack


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About The Beer

Take a trip across the pond and enjoy a frothy pint of your favourite brews from Britain. This new Best of Britain #4 pack features Ales, Stouts and IPAs from the masters at Innis & Gunn, Durham, Orkney and more.

Here's the line-up:

1. Hobgoblin Ruby 500ml Can

This distinct ruby beer’s sweet caramel and fruity aromas tease the taste buds. Brewed with smooth and rich Chocolate and Crystal malts & a blend of Fuggles and Styrian Golding hops. Expect a delicious full-bodied toffee flavour and a fruity finish of figs, raisins and dates. ABV 4.5%

2. Theakston Old Peculiar Old Ale 500ml Bottle

Old Peculier is possibly one of the country’s most well-known and loved ales. This unique, beautiful brew is often imitated but never matched and is sold literally all over the world. With countless awards to its credit, it is something of which every Briton can be very proud and is the epitome of the greatest of British brewing tradition. In the early years of the modern brewing era, about two hundred years ago, many brewers produced a dark, strong ‘stock’ beer in the winter months, to provide a base amount of fermented beer to add to beers brewed in the rather more volatile months of the summer. Old Peculier probably owes its origins to this. The name pays tribute to the unique ecclesiastical status of Masham as a ‘Court of the Peculier’ and is also reference to the strong characteristic of the beer! For many years it was affectionately referred to as Yorkshire’s ‘Lunatic’s Broth’. ABV 5.6%

3. Timothy Taylor Landlord 500ml Bottle

A Classic Strong Pale Ale, Landlord has won more awards nationally than any other beer: This includes four times as Champion at the Brewers' International Exhibition and four times as CAMRA's beer of the year. Refreshingly reliable, nationally renowned, this is a full drinking Pale Ale with a complex and hoppy aroma. ABV 4.1%

4. Innis & Gunn Caribbean Rum Ale 330ml Bottle

Caribbean rum casks meet Scottish red beer in an explosion of cool, spicy rum notes, vanilla and rich fruit. There’s palate-pleasingly punchy notes of fruit, rum and chocolate. This full bodied flavour is enhanced by the use of Innis & Gunn Ale Malt, Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley. The finish in this one-of-a-kind drop is warming yet mellow. ABV 6.8%

5. Innis & Gunn Original Ale 330ml Bottle

For 30 days this honey-hued beer sleeps in hand selected oak barrels, locked inside a bonded warehouse, gradually assimilating the subtle flavours that reside in the wood. Barrels are then emptied and maturation continues for a further 47 days in a marrying tun where these natural flavours infuse and fall into perfect balance. This 77-day process is unique and produces a delicious, refreshing beer: Aromas of vanilla and toffee, hints of citrus, with a malty, lightly oaked palate. Deftly balanced and light in texture, soothing and warming in the finish. ABV 6.6%

6. Hobgoblin Gold 500ml Can

A solid gold legend. The combination of four hop varieties infused with malted barley and a touch of wheat give this easy drinking golden beer tropical aromas of citrus and passion fruit. A biscuit-like malt base gives way to heaps of fresh lemon and lime zest. A hop kick riot of rascally refreshment. ABV 4.2%

7. Green King Abbot 500ml Can

Warming, malty and fruity. Pale and amber malts contribute to a mouth-filling and satisfying Horlicks and biscuity maltiness. Challenger and First Gold give a base note of herbal hop and Fuggles as a late hop contributes the main fragrant fruity and floral and spicy notes. Fermented slowly to give just enough fruity esters Abbot Ale provides a complex, satisfying and warming experience. ABV 5%

8. Belhaven McCallums Stout 440ml Can

McCallum's is a traditional Scottish stout - rich and dark in colour. A hint of fruit and a touch of sweetness makes it happiness in a bottle. More hops than a kangaroo - if you're a stout fan, you'll love McCallums. ABV 4.1%

9. Daleside Monkey Wrench 500ml Bottle

A powerful strong ale, deep chestnut in colour. Spicy, vibrant and fruity aromas precede a rich malt backbone with spicy hop overtone and a smooth warming finish. ABV 5.3%

10. Orkney Northern Raven Ale 500ml Bottle

Raven is pale amber ale with a fruity and spicy hop aroma, with malt flavours both biscuity and toasty. This is beautifully balanced with a clean spicy orangey bitterness. Viking folklore claimed the Raven had the eyes and ears of Odin himself. Used on long voyages to guide the Viking long ships, these birds were released on the seas and if they did not return, it signalled that land was close. Pair with mild cheeses and vegetarian dishes. ABV 3..8%


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