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100 Issues of Beery Goodness

1st Feb 2018

We’re stoked to bring you our 100th beer subscription issue!

When we first started in 2009 we really had no idea what to expect. We had a dream of sharing awesome beers with other people like yourselves who have the same passion and desire to drink something other than mainstream lagers that you find at every pub. So we applied for a liquor licence (zoned as the living room of Geoff’s house!) and rented a Kennard’s Self Storage Wine shed – each month we’d take over the whole wine area to pack our beer club beers!

Since then Australia’s love affair with craft beer has really grown and as a result so has our Beer Club. Here are some fun facts about what we’ve managed to achieve in nearly a decade of sharing beers:

•We’ve featured 400 unique beers from around the world in our monthly packs, with never a beer repeated!

•If you include the beers we’ve featured in our Quarterly Expert packs its over 550 unique beers.

•Many of the beers featured have ranked in the GABS Hottest 100 lists and in our Ultimate Top 50 Beers in Australia list.

•We’ve repacked over 75,000 beers to create the monthly selections – our warehouse is always busy!

•We’ve shared beers with over 4,000 subscribers – many of which have been with us for a long time. If you’re one of them a special thanks for the ongoing love!

•Subscribers can be found in every corner of Australia, from Mount Isa to Tasmania and Perth to Sydney. It’s awesome to think that craft beer is so widely appreciated.

•We’ve had 60+ different beer styles featured from 200+ breweries, some of which were one off brews or imports.

We’ve been thrilled to bring you all this beery goodness and look forward to sharing more as the years roll on.


The Boys @ Beer Cartel