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2017 Craft Beer Advent Calendar

5th Nov 2017

We have already pre-sold and dispatched thousands of our Craft Beer Advent Calendars.

Many of these have been shipped to our existing customers but there are also a lot of new customers embracing the idea of experiencing a new beer each day over 25 days. 

If you have not yet ordered your Craft Beer Advent Calendar for 2017 you can do so here.

If you are unsure about what all the fuss is about here's a bit more info.

Since 2015, at Beer Cartel, we've proudly provided Australia with awesome Craft Beer Advent Calendars.

Each year we work hard to make it the best it can be, and 2017's version is no different!

To say we are stoked to present this to you is an understatement.

We are ecstatic at the chance to share these beers with our customers!

Here are a few reasons why our Craft Beer Advent Calendar rocks...

25 Beers for 25 Days

Traditional advent calendars are 24 days long. Our thoughts are that you shouldn't forgo a beer on Christmas Day, so we've picked and extra one for you to have of Christmas Day.

25 Different Beers from 25 Different Breweries

This pack is made up of 25 individual beers from 25 different breweries. That's right, we don't double up from the same brewery ensuring you get a variety of brewers, tastes and experiences.

Variety of Beer Styles

Variety is the spice of life and that's why our Beer Advent Calendar is jammed pack with a variety of different beer style. We've hand picked an awesome array of styles from from Pale Ales and Amber Ales to Golden Ales, Pilsners and Double IPA's + more! 

In total we've jam packed 20 different beer styles among 25 different beers!

This variety of styles creates an eye opening and mouth watering experience - tantalise your tastebuds from the first sip to the last. It is hands down one of the most unique selection of beers we've put together.

Mix of Australian & International

We've leveraged our relationships with breweries around the world to get you the best of the best. Included in the pack are beers from the likes of Australia, Belgium, USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Germany.

Festive Box Specifically Designed for Advent

We've created a box specifically designed for our Craft Beer Advent Calendar.

With a festive Christmas design it is the perfect way to celebrate the count down to Christmas - the box will be an instant hit even before the first beer is revealed!

We've included little tearable windows for each day meaning no beer is accidentally revealed before it should be. Simply tear away a square for each day and pop out the beer for that day.

And with a built in "To/From" message box you won't even need to worry about getting a gift tag to write a little message to the recipient! It's ready to go straight away.

Top Rated Beers

We've selected beers we enjoy drinking and know you will too. There are no "stocking filler" beers in this pack and we've included a range of beers, with some that rate 95+ (out of 100) on sites like RateBeer and others that ranked in Australia's Hottest 100 Craft Beer poll. A truly amazing selection.

Australia-Wide Delivery

We want to share these beers with as many people as possible and so offer delivery Australia wide. From the outback to the major cities it doesn't matter where you (or the lucky recipient) is located, we can ship to your door. And all for one small charge per box ($9.99 NSW/ACT or $14.99 for all other states).

Range of Bottle/Can Sizes 

From 330ml to 500ml bottle/can sizes we're upping the value you get from this pack. If you were to buy each beer individually they would cost you over $150 and we're offering it you for a lot less!

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