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8 Great Uses for Beer

2nd Jun 2010

Lately when I have been shopping I’ve noticed the magic of “all in one” products that claim to do multiple actions in one go. My most recent experience was when I went grocery shopping to buy the latest dishwasher tablets. Normally I’ll always reach for the standard 8 in 1 Powerball but this time I found a new tablet that claims to do 10 actions in 1 tablet! This was fantastic and an absolute no brainer – Despite my limited knowledge of what either tablet does apart from wash I could now get 10 (things!?!) done with my new dish washing tablet compared to my traditional 8 – what could be better?

Further along my shop I remembered we were in need of a new air freshener. Again I looked over the range available and low and behold, there was a new product that could do 4 things in 1 spray – perfect!

Seeing the wide range of all in one products it got me thinking – maybe a brewer could create an all in one beer? Aside from the normal “benefits” of beer being a social lubricant, great for relaxing and beautiful tasting I’ve penned together a few other uses for beer:

  1. Marinade – Google beer can chicken for a great recipe
  2. Great for removing rust
  3. Cools the burn from spicy food
  4. Butterfly attractant – don’t ask me how or why but it is something to do with the sugar
  5. Helps grass grow- apparently great for brown spots on the lawn
  6. Polishes gold – try beer on a cloth for getting your gold earrings back to their previous lustre
  7. Refreshing after a hard day’s work (or mowing the lawns)
  8. Fantastic spa treatment – the yeast is good for softening and smoothing the skin

I could go on and on but I’ll leave that for the next evolution of an all in one beer!