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A New Beer for Everyday of the Year

2nd Jan 2013

There's a hot new trend going down that we thought we’d let you know about. It’s one that at first glance you’d think is easy, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts, it requires commitment, planning and perseverance... This trend? Drinking a different beer for every day of the year!

It’s so hot right now there are various Facebook and websites dedicated to the challenge. It doesn’t discriminate between good beer and bad, and there are very few rules, other than you can never tick off a day with a beer that you have logged before. You can include beer bought at the pub, out for a meal, in your home or any other occasion. The one rule that often comes into play is that you have to have a decent size amount of each beer, say 250ml as a minimum – that way tasting paddles are out, but you can still log even the smallest bottles, or glass.

We’ve had a few customers take on the challenge, with one even pushing it to the next stage – 365 ANZ (Australia or New Zealand) beers in a year. While there is a lot more than this produced each year across the two countries, the biggest challenge is getting your hands on it, as many beers are available on tap only (often directly from the brewery), or they are not shipped out of the country/state.

If you’re tempted to give a year in beer a try, a good starting point is our monthly beer club. If you’re looking for a smart way to check off the beers you taste check out,, or our favourite mobile app Untappd – you can even add Beer Cartel to your friend list!