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​Batch Pash The Magic Dragon Sour Ale 375ml

​Batch Pash The Magic Dragon Sour Ale 375ml

23rd Feb 2021

Beer Description: Pash the Magic Dragon lived by the brewery, and frollicked in a golden grist of flaked wheat and barley. His friend, Jackle Paper, loved that rascal Pash, and brought him malt to help him sour that crisp and tasty mash. Oh! Together they would sour wort with some lactic acid, Jackle kept a lookout to make sure it wasn’t flaccid. But one wanted a sweet and yellow from some passionfruit, the other wanted pink and tart from some dragon fruit. Oh! The dragon and his friend, they bickered all night long, til they finally realised that neither one was wrong! They put each fruit into the beer and let it settle out, the friendship saved!⠀

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Photo by: @batchbrewingcompany